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  1. Please move this to the appropriate area if I've got it wrong. I have a client on my dedicated machine, where I am hosting two domains for them. One domain they use for internal communication and the other is the public face of the organization. What is the best way for them to move to their own account at TCH? Of course they would like to have their two domains managed under the same account, but is that an option? Thanks in advance for any information and/or lore anyone has to offer. Jim Butterfield
  2. I haven't posted on this forum for quite a while, but I just had to say how happy I have been over the years that I host with TCH. Just now I upgraded some software on my server and broke something else.in the process, resulting in a number of my client sites being down. Of course I went right to the Help Desk to cry Help! Alex Spafford got right on my case and fixed it. And gave me some instruction about how to prevent this from happening next time. Thank you Alex, and once again I say TCH Rocks!
  3. These people obviously don't have a clue who they are dealing with. Thanks, Bill and all the gurus, for your watchful care and dedication to keep us all safe.
  4. Hi there, Spinland. The problem is that PHP runs as the user "nobody" and doesn't have permissions to write files to your (cpanel user) server space. By setting permissions to 770 you allow it to write to a folder, but then "nobody" owns the files written instead of you. So you can't do anything with them - only "nobody" can. Catch 22. The Help Desk will get the files removed for you, but they can't solve the real problem. There is a way around the problem, and somewhere on this board is a thread about how to do it. Perhaps one of the Mods can point you to it.
  5. Don't you love it when scammers don't even pay attention to what they're sending out? The final paragraph clearly says you must Reply to this email, giving them all that personal information. Then 10 lines down it says please do NOT reply to this email. Thanks for the heads-up.
  6. Having just spent the last several hours browbeating the Help Desk about an issue, I just have to say that I've never encountered a more helpful, knowledgeable or patient set of people anywhere. There has been an issue with my Nameservers for the past several days, which resulted in some (but not all) of the sites on my machine being unreachable by the world. Repeated contacts with Alex and Tina at the Help Desk made it clear that my problem could not easily be reproduced from there, and it looked very much as if they couldn't fix it. But they stuck with me on it, eventually calling in Dick DeVance to help. The problem seems to be solved and my sites are back. So I just want publicly to say Thank You. Thanks for sticking with it. Thanks for handling me cleanly and with infinite patience and willingness. Thanks for continuing looking into my assertions when all evidence suggested you could do nothing more. If there is ever a question about why people should host with TCH, this is why. Mostly everything just works. When it doesn't they fix it, whatever it takes. Thank you. TCH Rocks!
  7. Thanks, guys. I'll get on to them. Edit: Sorry, OJB. You may not be a 'guy' per se. Don't mean to offend.
  8. Hi all. I never know which forum to put my questions in, so if I'm in the wrong place please move me. One of my resold clients wants to move to a TCH account of their own. We'd all like to make the move without requiring them to re-initialize all their ftp accounts and emails and what not. Is there a way to do a cPanel move of them to their own account? Is this a HelpDesk issue? Probably, but I thought I'd ask here first. Whatever I can do to help the process, of course . . . Thanks!
  9. And faster still after 60. The things we've seen come and go have been amazing, though, haven't they? Why, when I was a lad . . .
  10. I haven't weighed in here for quite a while and it's time I did. Yesterday I asked a question of the Help Desk about a display problem with a cPanel page. Not an emergency by any means. Alex took up the gauntlet in a very short time and by this morning Carl was on the case and the problem is solved. Thanks to you both for your attention and quick action. If anyone wonders why we are loyal, happy customers here at TCH, it's because of service and customer attention like this. No even to mention the fabulous range of products and services at a great price. Always thanks to Bill for your commitment and dedication to us your customers, and the great team you've assembled on our behalf. As it has from the beginning,
  11. I've had several calls from clients who are suddenly having problems sending mail through their TCH accounts via Comcast as their ISP. Research turned up the lore out there that Comcast is blocking outgoing port 25. Without telling anyone, by the way. If you've had reason to draw Comcast's attention to your account with them recently they probably blocked yours as well. Changing your Outlook setting to use port 26 for outgoing mail on your TCH account(s) fixes the problem. Until, as Bruce suggests, Comcast blocks that one as well.
  12. You might also need to specify the links as block >#nav a.about{ background-image:url(http://you-domain/images/nav/about_off.gif); width:77px; height: 18px; display:block;} #nav a.about:hover { background-image:url(http://you-domain/images/nav/about_on.gif);}
  13. I had that same problem for a while. Then it dawned on me that I have register_globals turned off on all my sites, and the AWStats script was written as if register_globals is on. The login was trying to access things like $PHP_AUTH_USER instead of $_SERVER['PHP_AUTH_USER']. A very little editing of the script and all was well. Could this be your problem?
  14. Hi Kevan. I run an Apache ... system on Windows for testing and then upload to my account here at TCH. The thing that got me the most at the beginning is that Linux is Case Sensitive while WINDOWS IS NOT. So the site on a Linux server will think things are not there that I would swear were. Just a naming issue. Other than that it works fine.
  15. Hi Ty. Without knowing your site structure or exactly how you plan to organize the PDFs, I will say that it would be pretty easy to insert a PHP line in the top of the page. Let's pretend that you come in knowing the filename of the PDF in question. Something like this should do it: <?php mail(Your_Email_Address, "PDF Accessed", PDF_File_Name, "From: PDF@yourdomain.tld"); ?> Again, I don't know how the functionality is organized, but the notification is pretty straightforward. If you're concerned about the security of your email address you can put the actual code in a file in protected space and do an include. Put the above code in a file called PDFNotify.php in a safe place. Then in the top of your web page put: <?php include("/your/safe/place/PDFNotify.php"); ?> Make sense? Of course if you have questions please ask. I'll help if I can.
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