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I Am A Big Baby!

Head Guru

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I have the worst flu of my life.


Doctor told me to open my mouth and both the nurse and him (at the same time) said. "Oh My".


Bottom line is, I am a huge baby. I want my mommy. I dont feel good. This is just awful.


Doc says if no better by tomorrow, the tonsils have to come out.


*Head Guru hides under desk.

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I'm so sorry to hear you're under the weather! Rest! Sleep! Drink plenty of fluids and remember... ice cream... ice cream... ice cream...

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Ice cream is the cure for every ailment (except for a big belly; ice cream doesn't help with that).



Well? :)


Perhaps ice cream does 'help' a big belly. ;)


:topic, on:


Either way, Get Well Soon Bill!

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* Laughs


Yes, well, I meant ice cream doesn't cure a big belly!! :)


Sorry to distract the conversation from people wishing Bill well wishes. Do get better Bill!

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