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  1. What did you finally do? I have been using aMember since November 2013 and it does everything you are looking for in your post. You control site access by the product they sign up for. Easy to do on our HTML / PHP site, easier on a WordPress site.
  2. I too am having trouble with a script that claims to be compatible with PHP5.4, however, I see error messages indicating the problem is related to connecting to the DB. I have seen other sites say the issue is with how PHP5.4 connects to MySQL. Using old password hashes is the main suggestion for the error. If I change the MySQL password for the DB user with PHP5.3 set to something else, I see the exact same error messages as when I run the script with the MySQL password set correctly and PHP set to version 5.4 This suggests the issue is more about how PHP and MySQL exchange passw
  3. Thank You all for your hard work and long hours today.
  4. The smf forum on our site is not working either. Instead of the correct folders and files in the forum folder /smf/, there are a number of core.???? type files in there. core.10001 for example matra server
  5. endor is now showing a 500 Internal error when attempting to access the site that has been working since 10am.
  6. matra is running but site is not working yet get a 404, NOT FOUND Apache error when attempting to access the site.
  7. Site on matra is still down. Site on endor is working fine now Thank You for keeping us informed during this busy time
  8. I have been using Trillian Pro for a number of years and Astra (Pro) since early on in the beta program. I love the meta contact feature that lets me group multiple accounts under one name that I can select. "Dave" for example contains his AOL, Yahoo!, IRC, MSN and GTalk accounts under one contact entry in my buddy list. Who can remember who dlb4675 @ aol might be? If I want to choose which IM service I use with him I hover the contact name until the various accounts appear below. If you have a camera and buddies with cameras, Astra lets you video conference with the IM clients (Yaho
  9. I run php forums on my own website as well. However, the setup we are looking to convert is not quite as easy as that. Yes, My guess is both the directory structure and folder / file case issues will be areas for clean-up before the conversion. It's the other unknowns that bother me too. Thanks to both of you for your comments.
  10. I have a site hosted here at TCH and am recommending that TCH host an application for my company. Currently the system is running in a WindowsXP / Apache / MySQL / PHP / Filezilla setup. I am suggesting that if the code is written properly the O/S should not matter. That switching to a Unix/Linux / Apache / MySQL /PHP setup might give them more options. Can anyone give me clues on what problems we might encounter...or at least suggest what to look for when considering conversion from Windows to Linux?
  11. ice cream (as in rocky road..)
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