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    Dolling, Graphics Design, web design, floral design, algebra *yeah, algebra*, ABC Soaps, chatting, playing with my daughter and my son, blogging, reading, drawing

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  1. It works on my other hosted site, but its with a different company. I guess that *could* be part of it, but I like 2.7 too much to go back to 2.6, I'll just wait. It's only Akismet needing an update, and since it's just that site saying it needs an update, I'll wait and see if the new, non-beta version has the same problem.
  2. Without the http:// part: Failed to connect to FTP Server sigsnmore.com/://sigsnmore.com/ With the http:// part: Failed to connect to FTP Server http://sigsnmore.com I think I might have to open a ticket.
  3. That's exactly what I've been using and it gives me:
  4. I've done that, and it still does a forward: ftp.sigsnmore.com://www.sigsnmore.com/public_html/shop
  5. Okay, I'm a new "user" to TCH. I was here, then left, and came back because one domain needed it's own hosting account. Anyway, with my other host, I'm able to update plugins for Wordpress with nary a problem. Here, though, I'm having fits trying to figure it out. I set up a new FTP account, just to be on the safe side. What I'm trying to figure out is the hostname. WP installation: http://sigsnmore.com/shop/ I've tried localhost, just adds ://sigsnmore.com/shop/ to the end of that. Tried ftp.sigsnmore.com and it does the same thing, as well, as doing it with shop added on. Tried http://sigsnmore.com/ with and without shop and it says, always: Any suggestions on how to make this work? It saves a heck of a lot of time, since I will be able to upgrade WP through that way. And if it matters, I'm using WP 2.7 beta 3
  6. I think I would kill for snow, . Though the temps right now are pretty nice (low 80s, compared to 107 a few weeks ago o.O).
  7. I'm sick and tired of having to upgrade and update WP every flipping time I want something to run right. That, and it's one of the easiest systems to hack into (a good size amount of people in my WP groups have been attacked already, causing corrupt files, even ones that haven't been touched in weeks). I need something simple (main reason I'd gone with WP in the first place), and something I'm not going to have to update every other week because the creators can't seem to fix all the problems at once, and continually ignore the biggest flaws.
  8. You know, I don't remember. I restarted everything, and only added back certain ones, but it involved comments, and basically used js to assist with the codes, much like the js for posting (if you don't use the rich text editor thing)
  9. Okay, my poor blog has been through a server crash (yes, I'm on 106 *sniffle*), and it's still running slow, but I'm thinking that's because, according to the current status, the SQL is still having problems (also explains the mail, since that area is also having problems -both in the red). Just curious if there's a time-frame for getting those two back in the green, so that there's not a lengthly lull when I'm trying to do updates (fixing what died since I lost 4 days of work - my own fault though, since I didn't do back-ups), and checking to make sure they're working. And TCH rocks, because we got immediate notification of it killing itself (yeah, that's how I look at it, )
  10. I was in serious doubt, didn't think it would work, but I found the culprit, and it was a plugin. Bad part is that it shouldn't have affected it in hte first place because it involved comments O.o but THANK YOU!!
  11. The errors should be fixed (plugin that was supposedly validated wasn't). I've got Akismet, Bad Behavior, and Spam Karma. All 3 keep me pretty protected (I've had major problems with spam). I've done the removal of external items and that didn't really help at all. Still just sits and sits for about 5 minutes
  12. How about the blog part of it? The main part of SMF loads just fine, it just seems to be SQL: http://www.sarahsmidnightfantasy.com/wp/ I think it's gotta do with my theme (wordpress), because it was running semi-slow yesterday, but not this bad, and the creator's blog seems to be having similar problems with her version of it.
  13. Oh heck no, . Our firewall/viri protection is PC-Cillian Not even a trace of Norton on this PC
  14. Nope, no router. Only one PC, so definitely not that, .
  15. Yeah, I figured that, . I'm not sure if it's my PC, my anti-virus/firewall, or ISP, but I'm getting this: 1 * * * Request Timed Out for anything I try O.o
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