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  1. Yea, scifi is the best. Unfortunately I am alone in this family as a scifi fan. They have no imagination I suspect. My wife will stay in the room for X-Files though.
  2. Ok it's just me. I just have always pictured Bruce in a polo shirt and golf knickers I guess. You look good in a shirt and tie too bro.
  3. I am having some difficulties in getting used to Bruce's new picture. Am I alone?
  4. I was just looking through my files for anything that needed upgraded. I was running Coppermine 1.4.16 and did the upgrade to 1.4.18 with no problems. I also noticed that the Coppermine version offered in Fantastico is 1.4.16 so if anyone uses Fantastico to install Coppermine I would suggest getting the latest 1.4.18 upgrade right away. Thanks again Thomas for keeping us up to date. Don't know why I missed this one.
  5. Packer (Green Bay.......Go Packers!)
  6. woodygap


    Howdy Everyone. Enjoy the Holiday Weekend! Looks like some rain showers in Oregon. Typical.
  7. Lawn (Why did I fertilize??? Grows way too fast in the springtime)
  8. Congrats Alex. Maybe Bill will open up the "Vitual Bar" again soon. Thats always a fun time.
  9. I downloaded and intalled SP3 on Wed April 30th. They must have taken it off after that. Probably a glich that I will need to fix. From the MS update page it took about 7 minutes to download and about 10 or 15 to intall. All is well so far
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