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  1. Please submit a ticket so we can review the issue
  2. Hello, The best way to get this issue resolved is to open a ticket with our Billing bepartment and they can assist with combining your accounts under the same billing program preventing this issue. Please submit a ticket and we will be glad to assist with this issue.
  3. Welcome aboard guys, it will be a pleasure working with you
  4. Hello you need to set up the application to use the following. replace cpaneluserid with your cpanel user id and this should allow your application to work. servername = localhost username= cpaneluserid_name pass = pass database = cpaneluserid_link
  5. Hello, We have found and corrected the issue you were experiencing, I apologize for the delay. Tech is answering your ticket now.
  6. ooooo ooooo oooo I know I know , but I cant tell MUAHAAAAAa
  7. Bill I wish you a speedy recovery as well, With the IceCream we can send you a copy of this to keep you occupied Thinking of you Take care buddy
  8. Fantastico has been installed on this server 122 now as well. Sorry for missing this one earlier.
  9. Welcome back Robert, It will be a pleasure working with you.
  10. Hello, With the installation of fantastico on our servers, we reviewd the software and made decisions based upon the resources used by software packages and felt that some packages using higher resources would not be installed via fantastico to prevent users from simply installing them and causing issues for others on the shared servers. With that said, we did not prohibit its use, we simply did not want to make it readily available for those users that are not comfortable tuning and securing the software. We do our best to keep our servers running with stellar performance and will continue to do so.
  11. hmmmm Do we even still maintain a server 68 and 90 ?
  12. server60.tchmachines.com server61.tchmachines.com server363.tchmachines.com server64.tchmachines.com Being installed now
  13. server366.tchmachines.com server69.tchmachines.com server70.tchmachines.com server71.tchmachines.com Being installed now
  14. server372.tchmachines.com server74.tchmachines.com server75.tchmachines.com server76.tchmachines.com being installed now
  15. server78.tchmachines.com server79.tchmachines.com server380.tchmachines.com server81.tchmachines.com Being installed now
  16. server382.tchmachines.com server385.tchmachines.com server386.tchmachines.com server387.tchmachines.com being installed now
  17. server88.tchmachines.com server89.tchmachines.com server91.tchmachines.com server92.tchmachines.com Being installed now
  18. server93.tchmachines.com server94.tchmachines.com server98.tchmachines.com server99.tchmachines.com Being installed now
  19. server100.tchmachines.com server101.tchmachines.com server102.tchmachines.com server103.tchmachines.com being installed now
  20. server105.tchmachines.com server106.tchmachines.com server107.tchmachines.com server108.tchmachines.com Being installed now
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