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  1. I put a unique test file in my WWW folder only. I am able to access it with or without the WWW prefix. So...... what, if anything, does that mean?
  2. I was recently advised that my site may be serving duplicate content /running in parallel. How can I tell if the site is resolving properly? Thanks!
  3. Happy Birthday, Ryan! Many happy returns!!
  4. Happy Birthday Tina!! Have a great day!!
  5. Happy Birthday, Bruce!! Many happy returns!
  6. Checking my awstats 404 logs I am discovering more and more errors that look like the following: >/folder/url(data:image/png Error Hits 1039 Referrers h**p://****/folder/file.html Also : /folder/data:image/png%3Bbase64%2CiVBORw0KGgoAAAANSUhEUgAAADgAAAAOCAYAAAB6pd%2buAAAAAXNSR0IArs4c6QAAAAZiS0dEAP8A%2fwD%2foL2nkwAAAAlwSFlzAAALEwAACxMBAJqcGAAAAAd0SU1FB9oGAhENK17O5ogAAAAZdEVYdENvbW1lbnQAQ3JlYXRlZCB3aXRoIEdJTVBXgQ4XAAAD6UlEQVRIx82WXWxTd (no referrer) There are hundreds and hundreds (if not thousands) of these things every month and it's making a huge mess of my logs. The files themselves are all there and accounted for. However, many of them are in protected areas (images, etc). Is there anything I can do about this? I've been searching but I am not having any luck. Thanks
  7. Thanks Alex. I've banned them via htaccess. I'm thinking any "legitimate" source wouldn't be using a google proxy. I hope
  8. I'm beginning to notice a high occurrence of hits from ip addresses that trace back to Google proxies. I'm thinking these must be bad bots and should be banned? I'd be happy to hear what anyone has to say. Thanks.
  9. Happy Birthday, Andy!! Many Happy Returns!
  10. Happy Birthday Bala! Many Happy Returns!
  11. Happy Birthday Bill!! Have a Great Day and Many Happy Returns!
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