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Level 2 Has A Baby!

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It seems our level 2 team has grown by another member. :)


ON 12/15/2005 at 4:27PM our level 2 tech Raj Nair and his Wife became the proud parents of a bouncing little baby girl. The little one came into this world weighing in at a healthy 7.75 lbs or 3.5kgm


Congratulations to Raj and Lakshmi. Good luck to the new family!


We are so proud of you Raj, way to go!


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Thanks Bill, really made my day seeing this post :)

Well, wife and baby are now staying at her place as it is our custom. We have a naming ceremomy coming up on the 28th day. Still not decided on the name.


Already missing them ..


Thank you Bruce, Dick, Andy

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Congrats Raj!

How long does this separation last in your customs? I hope you won't be apart too long... I'll bet you're really wanting to be with them! Aren't babies just awesome!!!!

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Congratulations Mr & Mrs Nair. :eek:


To the little newborn girl:

Welcome to the world. It may look weird the first time you try to explore it, but hang on, that´s temporary. You´ll soon figure out how to get the best out of it. Otherwise just nag a little on Dad and Mom or anyone here in your "extra" family. :D

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Thank you ace, boxturt, Jim, Rick, Steve, Bunni, GroovyFish, Thomas, Marie.


Jim, yes, she is just awsome. Wife will be staying at her house with the baby for about 3 months. Her parents will help her out till she can manage things on her own. My mom lives a couple of blocks away, so she will be there too. I just can't wait to see them.


Rick, thanks for the advice. It is a long road ahead....


Thanks for the kind words Thomas.

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