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  1. TCH-Rick

    Server Path To Folder?

    I editted your post to remove the username. If the art folder is in the images folder then it should be /home/my_cpanel_username/public_html/images/art/
  2. TCH-Rick

    Wildcard Domain Access Host

    The Access Host feature is for remote connection to the MySQL database, i.e. if you want to connect from your local computer, another server, etc. You would enter the IP address thta you wish to allow access. Entering the wildcard $ will allow any IP access. To connect directly from your website you would just use localhost as the server in the MySQL set up whether it is for your main domain or a subdomain.
  3. TCH-Rick

    Help With A Cron Job!

    You should be able to do what you want depending on ownership and permissions of the file. I would suggest using: rm -f /home/cPanelname/path-to-file
  4. TCH-Rick

    Squirrel Mail

    Have them log in using /sqmail at the end of the domain instead of /webmail. The version we have installed over port 80 should work fine.
  5. I would agree with Rob and get the domain first. Then purchase the hosting account and sign up with the domain. Once you receive the welcome email just change the nameservers on the domain with your registrar to the ones given in the email and wait for propagation.
  6. TCH-Rick

    Cpanel Users?

    There can only be one cPanel login with an account. It is not possible to have a second login restricted to certain folders. Creating an FTP account is the only way to grant access to specific folders. I'm not sure what you mean by "do anything to the files." If you create an FTP account and the party logs in using an FTP program they can upload, download, change permissions, etc.
  7. TCH-Rick

    Deleting Many Pages Of Spam

    You can click on the folders you want to clear and then use the clear folder option. If the spam is in a Spam folder there is an easier way. You can click on the Spam Assassin icon and there is a Clear Spam Folders link at the bottom. That will clear all of the spam folders on all of your accounts.
  8. TCH-Rick

    Deleting Many Pages Of Spam

    You can log into the account using Horde webmail and use the Folder options at the top. You can clear an entire folder using that option.
  9. TCH-Rick


    If it has been a while since the script was added I would strongly suggest either deleting it and adding a new one or at the very least check with whoever wrote the script and update it to the latest version. Problems may be due to incompatibility with newer versions of PHP. There are folks out there that love to look for old versions of contact us type scripts and use security holes in them to try and spam.
  10. TCH-Rick

    Cpanel X

    Please open a Help Desk ticket at the link listed above and someone there will be able to assist.
  11. TCH-Rick

    I Remember When.....

    My first modem was 300 baud. I had a couple of phone bills for over $100 from surfing BBSes around the country. Saved my money to spend $200 on a 1200 baud modem.
  12. TCH-Rick

    Semi Dedicated Hosting ?

    The Semi-Dedicated accounts are still on shared servers. You would need a dedicated server for the requirements you mention.
  13. TCH-Rick

    What Is Your Career?

    I'm a Math Teacher and although it can be stressful I suspect I cause more than I get.
  14. TCH-Rick

    Ssl For Reseller Accounts?

    In answer to the second question, yes, you can switch the client accounts to regular accounts should you wish to do so later.
  15. TCH-Rick

    Mailing List Limits

    I use DadaMail for a list and have several addresses that use Yahoo addresses. They have not reported problems with messages ending up in Bulk Mail folders. I would suggest that you contact them and ask them to add the domain to any whitelist that Yahoo may use. They should be able to do this by clicking on the message in the Bulk Mail folder and then clicking on the Not Spam button at the top. Most of the popular email accounts such as Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. are becoming more aggressive with their anti-spam measures so it does take some training to prevent false positives.