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  1. Ok after some further testing here is what I discovered: 1) If I plug in a printer other than the lexmark it does not turn itself on. 2) When I plug in a flash drive - all it ok - However if I plug in another flash drive and the computer goes into standby mode and it is awoken - one the flash drive will stop working. I can either unplug the drive or go to the device manager and disable and then enable the "usb root hub" for that port. The drive will then work. I am thinking that the problems may not be the ports themselves but the standby software running on the PC. Once the computer goes into standby that is when the problems start. What do you all think??
  2. Hi Bruce - yea I have tried another printer (HP D2345) on the same port and it did not have the problem. It was just a printer though and not multi-function like the Lexmark(fax/scan/print. Flash drives work without any problems on the port the printer was plug into.
  3. UPDATE - OK - I changed usb cable twice and still the problem exists. It sound be noted however that all other usb device work ok. I installed a usb hub and that seems to have fixed the problem. Could the usb ports on the computer be having trouble?
  4. Hello TCH fam, OK here is a weird one. I have a Lexmark X4270 printer. Works just fine on my PC...I connected it to my kids PC (Pavillion a320n)and when the printer is turned off - it turns itself back on between 10 minutes to a couple of hours later. When it does so, all the mode light are all lit up...(print/scan/fax) and it is frozen...only way to recover from this is to pull the plug. I have tried reloading the driver, reset the X4270, and tried different USB ports. When the printer is on it works just fine. It is when you turn it off that the trouble begins... Any ideas, thoughts or troubleshooting tip? Thanks for you help. Kind Regards
  5. Well Godaddy's support tier can't figure out what is going on. Now my access to manage DNS does not work. They have had to send it up all the way to the developers. They say it might be fixed in 72 hours. Why can't every bodies support be as good as TCH.
  6. Hello TCH Fam! Here is a weird one! I added a subdomain to my Godaddy account using the "add" subdomain. The subdomain set up with an A record. (everything normal at this point) 15 minutes later it added another A record, then again for the third time. If you delete one of the duplicate entries it then gets added back in automatically. I have been on the phone with Godaddy support and they have no clue what is going on. It is now going to their top tier support. Is anybody else having this problem. If you have a GoDaddy account maybe you could try testing a subdomain. Usually within the hour the duplicates show up, Thanks
  7. Power supply went bad - replaced it and now the drive is fine.
  8. By the way it is running on XP
  9. Thanks for the tip - I tried a different power supply brick - same results - I'm thinking it is a dead one. It is dead Jim!!
  10. I have a Iomega REV 35 USB drive. The drive keep ejecting the disk when it is inserted. I have tried two disks and get the same results. I have flashed the firmware, updated the REV software and even tried it on a different PC. IT just keeps ejecting no matter what I do. If I unplug the USB cable from the computer the cartridge will remain loaded- but as soon as it is plugged into the computer it ejects. I am thinking the drive has gone bad. Suggestion?? Thanks for your help
  11. Hello, Ok this is strange. I have a D-Link 514 that keeps reverting back to the factory settings. The problem is nobody is resetting it via the hard reset or soft reset in the software. Any ideas of what could be happening? Is the router shot? Any help or thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks
  12. Happy New Year!! May it be filled with great days and happy moments.
  13. I voted yes I did, I voted how about You??????????????????????? It is a great day to be an Americain
  14. Sweet - service is not yet available in my area. Me wants FIOS!!!
  15. In NO way does "shady" refer to the color of Obama's skin. In my terms "shady" refers to the individuals that Obama has associated with. (Jeremiah Wright, William Ayers, ACORN) I think it is time that people of all colors get along, and are treated equally despite the color of their skin. That means no special perks, special treatment or affirmative action. It is time for us as a nation to rise above racism and start seeing people for who they really are.
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