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  1. Hi, I'll add that Bruce is right on and this difference between Linux and Widows will often create havoc in testing enviroments if you are testing in a Windows environment and running production on Linux. Some Perl versions of Windows will not run with the #! in the beginning. Thus a windows programmer can get very frustrated when he has tested his code, uploaded it, and then it doesn't work just because of a simple #!. Not fun! Keep your eye out! Take care,
  2. Hi, I think I can answer your questions: 1) All hosting accounts with TCH automatically renew, so it's not really possible to prevent this. However, you can change your information at any time by submitting a ticket or logging into your billing account. 2) Yes, we do honor sign-up of account in this way. However, we do perform a fraud check on all accounts and you may find that if we have difficulty with other information on the account that the hotmail address could contribute to a non-successful sign-up. But we can cross that bridge only if we need to. Take care,
  3. Hi, We call verify all of our accounts and also perform other fraud verification procedures for the protection of TCH. Please see the information that we have updated in your ticket. Thank you for communication on this. Take care,
  4. Hi RJN, Please continue to do that ... correspond through the ticket and we'll get you fixed right up. As you know we have no control over what Yahoo does with mail after we send it. All Yahoo accounts have bulk e-mail folders and spam settings. TCH can't do anything about that. We'll try the new address and see if that works. Take care,
  5. Hi RJN, I'm not aware of any delays that we have for setting up accounts. In fact, our turn around on these is quite good. However, you did not include a domain name for us to research for you. Please either submit a ticket at http://tchhelp.com to billing or get me on IM at tchgurubillh on both AIM or Yahoo. Looking forward to getting your website up and running! Take care,
  6. Congratulations!!! Wonderful news!
  7. I'm glad you said something. Thought I might have lost my internet because of what I saw. Yes, it's down. Yahoo and MSN seem to be up.
  8. Wow! I just don't know what to say ... I Won! He, he ... I haven't won anything in so long .... I'm just so excited!!! Thank you to all who made this possible! You had faith in me and you knew I could do it. Without your support I couldn't have done it. Thank you so much! Now .... what did I win?
  9. AN IMPORTANT NOTICE TO OUR CUSTOMERS REGARDING DOMAIN NAME RENEWALS All customers should be aware that their domain name is a very important part of making their hosting plans work properly. Without your domain name, your hosting will serve little purpose. Therefore you must keep a close eye on this valuable asset that you have. Recently we have been seeing a few complaints from customers about their domain name expiring and not being able to access it, or the cost for renewal. Please understand it is your responsibility to keep your account for your domain name current AND your information (especially your e-mail address) accurate. You will not receive a phone call that your domain name is about to expire, any more than you will if your hosting account is not being paid. All communications for this happens through e-mail and you will receive multiple attempts. You must also understand that your domain name purchase and information are completely separate from your hosting. Separate account information, separate control panels, separate IDs and password, separate support contacts. Therefore it is very important that you keep both your hosting account AND your domain name account updated and current. The policies on domain name renewals are clearly spelled out and available for anyone to read as they walk through the sign-up process. If you are concerned that you might miss renewing your domain name, an extra precaution you can take is to set it to "auto renew". Although there is no guarantee that it will auto renew (credit cards sometimes fail or expire) it does make management of your domain name easier. You still need to keep your information current with your domain name, in case something does go wrong. Sincerely,
  10. So, for me, this game is just as bad as all the other "pick a number" games I've played with you! BillH=Not( )
  11. then it would be very good ...
  12. This could definately be better than some of the other "pick a number" games I have been subject to. A free month of hosting? How about 23? Is that good?
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