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    Texas - Irish Ex-Patriat.
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    Web design, Photography, Self-expression

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  1. Activity is a big plus for me, but I'm easily turned off by overly-strict rules, blunt or plainly rude members and cliques within members.
  2. Also, your header div has no closing tag. Clicking anywhere on your site, except for links, brings you back to the index. I have a trigger finger, which is how I noticed it.
  3. It may have something to do with the linebreaks in the source, since it appears to be reading the onclick as its own object and not as a part of the opening div's code. You could also change that code to be simpler, like <a href="YOURURL"><div id="header"><div id="headerimg"></div></div></a> You could even place the headerimg as a background to the header div itself, so you don't have to have two divs for one thing.
  4. It's in the footer of the page, Don.
  5. What was he thinking?! Either way, I'm thrilled.
  6. Also, most of your image directories don't exist.
  7. 42, and I only dropped it because someone IM'd me.
  8. Diet Pepsi for me, but I do like to have some Mexican-produced Coke (cane sugar and classic, re- and re-used again glass bottles, as opposed to high-fructose corn syrup and plastic bottles) from time to time.
  9. They look like simple Wingdings / Webdings type buttons, using fonts that come pre-installed on computers.
  10. Are you going to /mt/mt.cgi? You should go there and if you're still getting an error, change the permissions on the CGI files -- all of them -- to 755. The changes from one config file to another are nothing to worry about unless you have a previous version of Movable Type installed.
  11. This sounds exactly like Flickr, which is odd. I would think that they'd come up with something original.
  12. Nah, the entire layout actually breaks to a worse degree without that. Thanks, though!
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