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  1. Excuse my English. I meant I'll have to show it really online: multiuser environment... Sorry! I found NO date at all. I asked about June because my presentation should take place on July. So, if, by any chance, TCH decides to upgrade to MySQL 5 until June, I'll have time to install it on my domain, test it and use it during my presentation...
  2. Bruce, thanks for your answer! I did installed MySQL 5 on my computer, and will test it locally. But I also have to present this assignment and I intended to demonstrate it "online" so each of the professors could try it online. Hence the TCH x MySQL 5 part... I assume it won't be available until june? What other suggestion do you have?
  3. Hello, I've used TCH for a while now and I am very pleased with your service and support. Now I have another request. To complete an academic project I need a trigger-capable database. AFAIK, the only version of MySQL with this feature is MySQL 5.x. Considering the version you currently use (4.1.21-standard) and two last-year answers about MySQL upgrading plans (here and here), I assume you don't plan on upgrading it in near future. Is there another way of using it? I mean, kind of a private installation or something? Or even installing another DBMS (like PostgreSQL) privately. Thanks in advance, José Luís
  4. Hi! I'm trying to use a syntax highlighting plugin but it relies on enscript and states and I can't get it to work. Do TCH servers have them both installed? If so, on what path? Thanks!
  5. Well, I have some news: I found what was wrong with my plugin scripts (subscribe2 and pxs_mail): I used mb_convert_encoding() to convert email codepage from UTF-8 (WP default) to 8859-1 (latin1). Apparently, this function worked well on my other server, but on TCH, it does not. I changed those scripts back to original form (stripped the mb_convert_enconding function) and now they are working again. But now all my special characters (my blog is in Portuguese) are truncated! How do I convert my email codepage from UTF-8 (WP default) to 8859-1 (latin1)?
  6. TCH-Bruce, I'm back. No errors in the Error Log. No error messages in the default email account either... It may be worth to say that I use THREE scripts on my site: subscribe2 - Does not work. pxs_mail - Does not work. Lester 'GaMerZ' Chan email plugin - Work as a charm! How come?
  7. Sorry... But, where is my log file? I'm using WP for only a couple months now...
  8. Hi! This should count as my first post here. Well, I have a blog (using Wordpress 2.0.2) and I have installed some plugins to add some funcionality. One of them is subscribe2, the other is PXS Mail. They both worked well on my older server but when I changed to TCH, they simply stopped working (they show no error message at all!) Interesting to say that another plugin (wp-email) works just fine. What can I do? Can someone help?
  9. Oops! My first post and it was a false alarm! Disregard this last post! I made it work. It should be something about permissions or the like. I just changed them (+x to panelproxy.php) and now it works nicely! Thanks!
  10. borfast, I chose to ask directly to you because since you're from Portugal, we can always use Portuguese to solve communication... Did this cpanelproxy script work correctly? I followed all directions listed in the Readme file. But, when I type cpanel.my-domain.com, it still tries to open my-domain.com:2082... Can you help me?
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