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  1. I have noticed a uptick in spam, so much so that I am reading my email on the web instead of downloading so I can blacklist and delete some of them. I have been bounced off several email lists from a reputable University because of SpamCop, and actually filed a ticket because of it. That was not a Yahoo server, but SpamCop was blocking it. I have not idea what is best, but I do know that SpamCop is causing me pain.
  2. Not exactly sure what is happening, but I am getting email in my spam folder (Horde) which *seems* to be from my domain. The from addresses have been "info@****" and "accounting@****" so far. I don't know how to view full headers in horde, so I am not sure if these are really sent from my domain on Organa, or if it is just a fake "reply to" address. Can anyone fill me in?
  3. So I did click and log in. What should I be doing?
  4. I found the mail in my "spam" box at Yahoo. So, the mail function is working, and Yahoo is working overtime.
  5. Thanks, Bruce. I'm checking with the script help boards. I'll let you know how this comes out.
  6. Thank you. I can't get it to work with the fields blank, no mail coming in my test. I'll check with the support desk. Thanks for the help.
  7. OK, but I have fields to fill in. Sorry to be so dumb, here is what they are: (SMTP PHPMailer) PHP Mailer URL (SMTP PHPMailer) SMTP Host (SMTP PHPMailer) SMTP Username (SMTP PHPMailer) SMTP Password Thanks.
  8. I am working on the installation of a specialized shopping cart for our photo business. I’m asked this question in set-up and I don’t have a clue what to do: This will set how mail is sent from the server (New order noticiations, email client informaiton, etc...). Typically the PHP mail() function is used. If that is not available (disabled by host) and PHP Mailer script is available, then you can use the SMTP Mailer. If that is not an option, then contact support ....... I know Coppermine sends out e-mail fine, but I don’t remember how I set it up. What options are available to me? Thanks
  9. Well, I did one of my samller sites, and it appears to have worked. The steps I took: backed up site. removed FP extensions "cleaned up" FP extensions. FTP'ed (is that a word!?) the entire site overwriting everything that was there. I can browse the web and it works fine for me. There are 4 different htaccess files in the home directory. Do I need those? If so, exactly what do they do? Here is the site if anyone wants to look. (it is a new one, so there wasn't much to clean up.) The tough ones are coming. http://www.candidpix.info Thanks for the help!
  10. Thanks everyone. I'm actually rewriting the whole thing with CSS, so I'll probably back it up and the remove it. Lots going on, short time to finish!
  11. I want to remove the FP extensions from a site and publish by FTP. The extensions have finally gotten the best of me, most of my support tickets are due to error messages generated during publishing! I'm also redesigning the sites and removing all the FP webbots and that stuff. So, has anyone done this, and what procedure did you use? Is it best to remove the whole site and start over, or can the extensions be removed from the server and the updates sent by FTP?
  12. Thanks for your reply, I have.
  13. I send occasional posting to a post only DADA mail list I host on my account for a non-profit genealogical society. I received an unexpected bounce today, "SMTP error from remote mail server after initial connection: host mx.east.cox.net []: 554 eastrmimpi01.cox.net IMP is locally blacklisted" I wrote to the subscriber and asked her to contact the ISP, what else should I do? Can TotalChoice help me here?
  14. Today I was poking around my sites using Horde mail. In one site there was an e-mail folder with a name I did not recognize. I couldn't delete the folder using horde mail, so I used file manager to delete it. This folder simply had the name "george", and that name did not /does not appear on an e-mail address I set up on the site. So, where did george come from? How do I keep this from happening again?
  15. Yes, I finally realized that it was alha, and CACC wasn't first. Have had some sleep now, so can actually read. Thanks.
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