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  1. I tried the SMF forum, but got no answers. This forum is so helpful, I thought I'd take a shot at someone here having experience with it. The user didn't log in under someone else's ID. That's the problem. He didn't know the other user's login information. There was nothing on his end that would indicate that he would (or even COULD) post under the other user's name. He was just as surprised as anyone that when it posted, that it was under another user's name. The actual user's IP address was recorded in the errant posts. Thank you for any insight you have!
  2. I've recently installed a SMF forum on my site. It's the current version, as installed by Fantastico through the TCH cPanel. It's been working ok until yesterday when one user was inadvertently posting using another poster's ID. The IP addresses linked back to the right person but the name on the post did not. These two posters are not posting from the same computer, and neither of them know how it happened either. Any ideas?
  3. I am buying a .ca domain name, and want to host at Total Choice. I host several other sites with TCH, but I've always bought my names through them. They can't sell a .ca name, so I need to get it elsewhere and set it to TCH. Do I buy the hosting first? Or the domain name? Thanks!
  4. Wow, you're fast! Thank you very much Robert! I wasn't too far off in my attempts, actually. Your code did successfully link it, but I'm still having problems. The vote.php is dependent upon a couple other files (ip.txt and data.txt) and it can't seem to find those. It gives me lines of error that say: Warning: file(ip.txt): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/[myaccountname]/public_html/poll2/vote.php on line 35 Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/[myaccountname]/public_html/poll2/vote.php on line 37 Warning: file(data.txt): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/[myaccountname]/public_html/poll2/vote.php on line 67 Would it matter that the index page that I'm going to put this on is in a secured section of my site? That is, the index page is password-protected, but the polling script pages are not. Thank you very much again!!!
  5. This should be a simple question for anyone with an understanding of php, but the answer is eluding me... I am installing SMePoll, which is a really simple script for polling on a Web site. I'm all set up with it. The poll appears on a page called vote.php. I want to place this poll on my index page. So how do I include the script located in a file called vote.php on my index page? Obviously my index page needs to be a .php page. I do know that much What line of php code do I use on my index page to call up vote.php and insert the content (i.e. polling box) into that place on my index page? Any help would be appreciated!!
  6. Thanks for the lead, Bruce. I've gone through the rounds at Hotscripts (and a couple other similar script repositories) a few times, so I have a general idea of what's available out there. I was more wondering if anyone had any personal recommendations. I appreciate your input though!
  7. I would like to implement a classified ads script on my Web site. Naturally, it should be php-based, using a mySQL database. There are a number of scripts out there, ranging from free to a few hundred dollars. This is a volunteer position for a non-profit group, so the cost really has to be less than $100 (which seems doable from what I've seen). My requirements are pretty much in line with what's out there -- users should be able to submit their own ads and upload their own pictures (without requiring anonymous ftp access) as well as go back and edit/mark sold their items. Expired items should delete themselves. It's strictly a buy/sell site -- no personals ads, car sales or other niche market. I'm no php/database wizard, so installation should be fairly straightforward or I'll be in trouble. Have you used something you like? Or particularly dislike? Please tell me about it. Thanks!!
  8. At home, I use CuteFTP Pro, and at work FTP Voyager. I prefer CuteFTP. I will occasionally use the FTP client within Dreamweaver MX2004 when I'm using a laptop, but I must say that I really don't like it very much -- and I don't really know why.
  9. I think it's unfair to trash DW so wantonly...just because someone uses it certainly doesn't imply that they don't understand the back end of their site. IMHO, DW would be very difficult to master without an understanding of the code. I know HTML like the back of my hand, but usually use DW just to save time. It ensures I close my tags, and don't put silly typos in. And if I do, it makes them apparent to me. Admittedly, I probably spend about half my DW time in code-view making adjustments right to the code, which is why I say it would be tough for someone who doesn't know the code to really master DW. I started out on Notepad, then went to HomeSite and eventually ended up with DW as Macromedia has pretty well incorporated the best of HomeSite into DW MX2004. For really quick changes, I still pop Notepad open because it's fastest.
  10. Another update...I've been toying with this for hours now. I've uninstalled and re-installed IPB twice and down countless exports and imports on this database. In the end, my big problem appears to be that when I import the tables from the old database, I get errors saying that they already exist. This causes an error which halts the whole process. The errors look like so: MySQL said: #1050 - Table 'ibf_admin_logs' already exists Is there something I should be doing to force the tables I'm importing to overwrite the existing ones that came with the clean install? Many, many thanks for your help on this...I really appreciate it!
  11. They are both v1.2. Are there further version codes I should be comparing? The propogation is now complete. It's strange...I think it did move some stuff over. I was able to log in using my old username/password, and it recognized me as admin. So that was great. But none of the old posts/discussions are there. I expected to have to fix the appearance of the board (skin, graphics, etc.), but how do I make those discussion threads appear? If I simply create the forums with my new board, will the threads know to appear there?
  12. Thank you for those great instructions, Don. That's fabulous! I followed along right there with you until it came to actually importing that database into my TCH one. I followed all the steps up to "leave autodetect on and click go" I clicked go and waited. Eventually it gave me the following error: "MySQL said: #1044 - Access denied for user: '[mydomain]@localhost' to database '[mydomain]_com_-_db' " Do you know it would deny me access? I initiated the process of propogating the site, so it should start moving over very soon. Would that be part of the problem? Thanks again for your help.
  13. Yes, I installed 1.2 here, and that's what I've got running on the other site. I'm really not very familiar with msSQL databases, how to make back-ups and move them. So any hints would be welcome. In the meantime, I can poke around and see what I find. Would I find the ability to backup in the admin panel for mySQL? Urgh...now just to get in there. It just keeps timing out. I'm so glad I'm leaving that host!!
  14. Hi everyone! I'm new here, having just signed up with TCH yesterday. My Web site is currently hosted on another service (not using a cPanel), and I am running Invision 1.2 on it. I would like to import all my registered users and discussion archives onto my new account at TCH as seamlessly as possible. I've set up my site at TCH, but have not yet switched the DNS until I'm closer to ready for the switch. I've installed Invision on the new site. Is there a tutorial somewhere for moving this information over? Thanks!
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