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  1. Hello, everyone. I use Mozilla Thunderbird for all of my domain's e-mail. I haven't gotten some e-mail from someone, and went into CPanel to see if I could find it, in case it was trapped by a spam filter. It's been a while since I have been in my CPanel, and it looks quite different now. I do not see a web-based mail client for my domain there. Have the mail clients been removed? What should I use, in the current CPanel, to check for e-mail now? Thank you very much! J. Danniel
  2. Hello, everyone. Some services permit punctuation marks in passwords; others do not. Punctuation marks are permitted for passwords to this site, for example. My question: Are punctuation marks permitted for passwords to my TCH e-mail accounts? Thank you! Jd
  3. Simple question, but one I can't find an answer for. What is the maximum number of characters I can use for the cPanel password? Thank you! Jd
  4. Hello everyone! I'm sure this is a commonly asked question, but I'm not entirely sure how to do what I want, despite researching it, so I am requesting assistance, please. I have a TCH account and need to create a new e-mail account and address. I currently have eight and need a ninth. However, I want the new e-mail account to be as anonymous as possible. By that, I mean I want the domain name NOT to be known to the public. Is there a way to create an e-mail account/address and then create an alias for it that I can give out to the public? If there is such a method, is it available through TCH, or do I need to use a third-party service? If I do need a third-party service, is there one that is free and also ad-free? Thank you for your help! Jd
  5. Never mind. I believe the problem is being caused by the new version of Avast anti-virus. I temporarily disabled the Avast mail scanner and got my mail fine.
  6. Hello. I have been unable to send or receive any e-mail today, and was wondering if there is an e-mail issue today at TCH. I tried to submit a help desk ticket, in the event there's an issue specific just to my account, but unfortunately, I do not remember the password I registered with. Since I have no e-mail access, I cannot have a password sent to me. That's why I'm inquiring about the situation here. My web site seems to be operating properly, but not the e-mail. Is there a way for me to find out what the problem is? Thank you! J. Danniel
  7. Okay, got it. Thank you for the replies and assistance. Jd
  8. Hello TCH users and moderators! I've been a TCH user for years, and am a little bit confused after receiving an e-mail from TCH on February 21. I currently have the Silver plan, which I've been paying $5.00 precisely, per month. In my most recent invoice, I noticed the plan was listed as "Silver Legacy." I was wondering what, exactly, is the difference between "Silver Legacy" and the Silver plan--if any. In the e-mail I received, it discusses an increase of disk space. I'm not 100% sure where, in my Control Panel, to look to see total disk space available. Can someone please inform me of that? Also: In the user forum's About Total Choice Hosting>Web Hosting With TotalChoice - More Specifics> Web Hosting Plans section, the post for the Silver Plan appears to be dated 2003. I noticed the post for the Starter Plan is from 2003 also. If the e-mail is correct, and disk space is in fact being increased, will these plans be involved? If so, then will the user forum posts for the plans be updated? Thank you very much for your assistance. J. Danniel
  9. Well, now I'm confused. I didn't think this through, I admit. I signed up for an entirely new hosting account, when I registered the new domain this morning. Now, I'm not sure if I have TWO hosting accounts. Was it necessary for me to sign up and pay for a new hosting plan, when I already had one? It sounds like I didn't have to. So, how do I go about cleaning this mess up? Do I just submit a help desk ticket, have them point to one of the accounts, and cancel the new one? Thank you! Jd
  10. Okay, it's resolved. Sort of. This was my fault. The domain expired...the contact information was old. The credit card info expired. So, I lost the domain. OH well. Well, I just registered jdanniel.net, so it looks like I have to start completely from scratch. Thanks for posting the information. The domain wasn't hijacked. It was my fault. Jd
  11. Help Desk says my domain has been updated as of today, but I have to contact my domain registrar for further details. I thought TCH was my domain registrar. I did everything through them. The only thing I can think of is this: Maybe my domain was up for renewal, and it was set to renew automatically, but the previous credit card expired. Or I was hacked, maybe? How do I contact the domain registrar, if it's not TCH? Thank you. Jd
  12. Hello everyone. When I woke up this morning, I was unable to send or receive e-mail from my domain. When I checked my web site and related sites (i.e. SMF boards, Word Press blog, etc.), on each of them, I saw ads for Go Daddy, saying my site has been parked. I tried to submit a help desk ticket, but was unable to. That's why I'm posting my problem here--I have no other way to communicate with TCH at this writing (except by phone). To the very best of my knowledge, my account is active and paid in full. I just received an e-mail a day or two ago, as a reminder the billing cycle for me starts on the 1st. I'm assuming this is probably a temporary glitch on TCH's end, but I'm just wondering why I see blurbs for Go Daddy where my web pages should be. Should I just wait patiently, or do I have a problem that needs more serious attention? Thank you! Jd
  13. Ahhhhh a drop-down menu! I never would have noticed that in a million years. Thank you. Jd
  14. Hi everyone. I have a question about using this forum. Quite simply, I'm trying to change the e-mail address for this forum. At this moment, I cannot figure out how to do that. According to the Help section, you make this change in "Your Control Panel." The control panel is where you set up your personal preferences for the board. You can change how the board looks and operates for you from here. Change Email Address: You can update the email address associated with your account from here. I do not see a YOUR CONTROL PANEL anywhere on this forum. I'm under the assumption "Your Control Panel" is not the same as the Control Panel for my TCH web hosting account. Can anyone please tell me where, exactly, this option is? I just want to change the e-mail address so I can be notified of replies to THIS message. Thank you! Jd
  15. Hello. I have a question about creating e-mail aliases. My domain name is www.jdanniel.com, which, of course, means my e-mail addresses will have the @jdanniel.com suffix. I'd like to create one particular e-mail address, but would like to conceal the domain name...sort of like creating an alias, I suppose. I need this one e-mail account to be as anonymous as possible, so that when people e-mail me, they use the alias, and not the actual original e-mail address. I'd want the alias to forward the e-mail to the actual e-mail address I've created. Is this possible with my domain name and Total Choice Hosting? If so, what is the procedure for creating an alias? And what is the proper nomenclature for such a feature? Lastly: Is it possible to send outgoing mail via the alias, and not the actual main address? Thank you. J. Danniel
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