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  1. Month Unique visitors Number of visits Pages Hits Bandwidth Sep 2006 187 260 2390 11063 114.19 MB Oct 2006 123 169 2027 7439 69.76 MB Nov 2006 202 400 7959 27111 491.70 MB Dec 2006 5922 9207 35930 46597 38.65 GB Jan 2007 3352 4863 15134 19298 17.30 GB Im mean, look at those numbers.....Thats outrageous........But I actually think I found the culprit....Where a site was leaching off off the music that was on the site. I looked at the numbers from the past few days, and compared them to today's. There was a huge difference. Also, I removed the files, that the actual bandwidth was coming from...
  2. I already have it enabled, I found out where some of the problems are coming from. but there is still some bandwidth issuses going on...
  3. I've been looking at my awstats, and noticing a bunch of sites have been gaining anywhere from 10-100 of mb's of my bandwith daily...I have been able to find out the domain where they are coming from in the awstats. How can I block their domain from gaining access?..
  4. Its pretty much a list, (4-5) songs where a user can pick a song of their choice to play on the site (my site) while they are on there.....
  5. Hi all.... Im looking for an audio juke box, where I can let users choose whatever song they'd like to hear on my site. Anyone knows of a such a script/interface, or way to incorporate such a delicate task into a website. TIA Rocky...
  6. This is the little program...http://phpwebscripts.com/free_scripts/link_up.html Thanks...lol...I found out my mistake.....It was actually in the configuration.. I did a little digging around and found out the solution....
  7. I have a linkup program that people can submit a link to a site that I have. The small little program used to work fine, but for some reason, it doesnt now... Here is the error..... You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ' at line 1 The link can be found at: http://www.redlineriders.org/linkup/ Now after you log onto that page, if you click, New links, top rated, or message board, you'll see the above mentioned error. Any clues what could cause this?..
  8. I been around for about 2 years now fiddling with the coppermine photo gallery. I get so stumped evertime I try to associate users with the photo albums or Categories that I created. Is there a way that a user can add photos in all categories that they prefer?..(this is where I get lost)
  9. Has anyone else noticed that its not working?...or is it just me ?
  10. NO dice there either, Im sure its a simple problem... I guess, exactly what im looking for is how to associate a specific group with an album. For some reason it wont give me that option that is in the groups page...
  11. Permissions: Rating Yes Ecards Yes Comments Yes Public albums upload: Allowed Yes Approval No Personal gallery: Allowed Yes Approval No This is how mine is set up for the registered users..
  12. My fault, didnt think getting more answers was a bump to the top...but anyways... I even registering myself as a user, under a different account, but when I tried to upload pictures into a specific category, it didnt give me an option on where to load them, it just went straight to a personal gallery. I guess I am trying to figure out how to make them be able to post them wherever they want to...
  13. I guess, my problem is how to get to set up access to the different categories. I could set those up, and the albums, but after that...... I just cant seem to get it to work
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