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  1. Scott is on Thanksgiving break right now, but I promise we'll get you on there as soon as he returns!
  2. The "holiday" edition of the MySite Client Showcase will be up this Friday! I won't let too many secrets out about this interview, but it does promise to be another good one! Thumbs Up
  3. I see no problem with this at all Tonsa, good work on the banner as well!
  4. All of TotalChoice Web Hosting's servers are numbered and each client is placed on one of these servers. Now when something goes wrong or you need something fixed on your account, you often see the tech support team asking, "What's your server number?". What do you tell them? How can you find out what server you're on? The server number should appear in a message that says Welcome to Server## at the top of your CPanel when you log in. If the message is not there, please let us know and we will add it to your server.
  5. Not a problem, that's what we're here for! Please let us know if there is anything else at all we can do for you!
  6. Yes you could ask around on these forums! There are a bunch of folks around here who've had experiances with the board in question and would love to help you out. Also Invision has their own support forums as well.
  7. All you need to do is set up the e-mail account through Cpanel as you usually would, then use www.******/webmail to check the mail account.
  8. Yeah, in a perfect world search engines would actually work for us, instead of us having to work for them.
  9. This would be a good time to suggest that everybody have a good password, and change it often!
  10. You never had anything to fear because we never forget about a ticket or your problems. Chances are that it was a pretty deep question or problem and we had work a while before getting your problem fixed. Also remember you can always update the actual ticket if you have any questions or comments you might want to let us know while we are working on the ticket in question.
  11. I'm totally behind Lianna on this one, I'd be careful to say the least.
  12. I edited the links out of your post since we're a web hosting company, its not that good to be advertising for the competition. I don't see TotalChoice Hosting on your list.. how come? Our gurus are on live chat as well as AIM and Yahoo Messenger for the greater part of the day. Think I'd vote for us. Thumbs Up
  13. Hey guys and gals, ever thought to yourself that you’d like to work for TotalChoice Hosting? Now’s your chance because we have an opening for a Level One Support Technician. This position will involve the following: 1. Answering help tickets from TotalChoice Hosting Family Members via our help desk, live support chat, and AIM/Yahoo chat. 2. Knowledge of both Web Host Manager (WHM) and Cpanel. 3. Able to work flexible hours. 4. Great people skills. Also, having experience in any the following fields would be a definite plus: 1. Linux RH 7.3, 8.0 9.0 2. Server Management 3. Any Previous Web Hosting or Tech Support Work 4. Knowing Your Way Around Script Installations Anyone and everyone who is interested please contact Bill or Mike by e-mail .
  14. We've created a new forum for all of our web hosting clients to post their own tutorial suggestions for our web hosting staff or clients! Please take a look, and let us know what you think of this new addition to our forums!
  15. Have you ever been lost? You know the feeling, searching across the online world trying to find the tutorial to help guide your way, and not even TotalChoice Hosting has the answer?! This is the place for you then! Please post any and all web hosting related tutorial or FAQ ideas here! Once an idea has been posted it's up for grabs to our web hosting support staff or any one of our many clients to write up the tutorial you need. Once a tutorial on the subject has been written keep an eye on: Tutorials and Frequently Asked Questions and Client Written Tutorials All clients should post their finished tutorials in Client Written Tutorials and once a tutorial has been written it's time to move on to the next request! Now why would clients want to write tutorials? Other than knowing that you're being helpful to your family members it also looks good to the judges when we're trying to figure out the next Member of the Month! Doesn't guarantee your spot but it couldn't hurt. The last note I want to make on this subject is lets keep the tutorials and tutorial requests related in some way to web hosting as well.
  16. Well I can tell you from personal experiance that my experiance running MovableType with TotalChoice Hosting has been the best. Don't think you should have anything to worry about as far as server time outs and all that is concerned and your right on the money with the hosting package. With the details you gave I would suggest a Gold or higher plan as well. Nothing wrong with over-buying a little bit just to give yourself more room to do stuff on. Hope to see you with us soon!
  17. TotalChoice Web Hosting has created a special section for all our Cpanel and WHM tutorials! Why? Because here at TotalChoice Web Hosting we believe that knowledge is power. We also believe in giving you all the tools you need to make the best out of your web hosting experience with us. TotalChoice Web Hosting Cpanel and WHM Tutorials
  18. CSS stands for cascading style sheets and was originally designed as a helper or add-on so developers could do more things better and faster than using standard HTML. From style sheet built into your specific web page to having a separate style sheet file to control all of your pages CSS can be your best friend if you have multiple pages to control that all have the same basic look and style. Another good things about CSS is that by using it correctly your pages can be loaded quicker than using more traditional HTML methods. >h1 {font-family: arial} CSS can be broken up into three parts. To take the above code as an example, the “h1” is known as the selector. The selector’s purpose is to tell the browser which “tag” is being edited. The “font-family” is the property, which tells you which attribute of the selector do you wish to modify. Last but not least is "arial" which is the value. The value’s job is to tell you what to do to the specific selector you want to modify. In a whole, this tells us that the paragraphs are going to have a font face of arial. There are many different resources online that tell you all the correct selectors, properties, and values to use so I won’t go into that right now. The basic thing to remember is that you must keep that same basic format when creating your own CSS. If you wanted to do more than one thing to each selector, then you would need to make sure you closed each job with an “;”. Here’s another example: >h1 {font-weight: bold; color: red; font-family: arial;} See the extra ;’s in there? It’s just that easy. Also if you wanted to break it all up to make it look more organized you could sort it like this as well: >h1 { font-weight: bold; color: red; font-family: arial; } To edit more than one selector (on the above selection, the h1) then all you would need to do is separate each selector with a “,”. Here’s an example of this: >h1,h2 { font-weight: bold; } For both the above examples, this is how the code would look when your calling for it on the actual web page that you are working on. ><h1>Hey, look ma! A header! Simple enough right?</h1> There is more than one type of selector you can edit. The selector is divided up into two types, the id selectors and the class selectors. These are sometimes miss-used and mixed up so lets see if I can set you straight from the beginning. Id selectors are only used once, while classes can be called on several times. Here’s an example of how a class should look in your style sheet. Pay close attention to the “.” before the word “entry“. This is what mainly signifies that it is a class and not an id selector: >.entry { margin-top:5px; padding:5px; text-align:left; } This is how it would look on your page when you are actually trying to call for the style sheet code to be used: ><div class=“entry”>This would be the text that is modified!</div> <div class=“entry”>This would be the OTHER text that is modified!</div> <div class=“entry”>See, I can call for this to be used more than once!</div> Here’s an example of how a id should look in your style sheet. Pay close attention to the “#” before the word “content“. This is what mainly signifies that it is a class and not a class selector: >#content { align:center; border-left:2px solid #000; border-right:2px solid #000; border-bottom:2px solid #000; width:600px; } This is how it would look on your page when you are actually trying to call for the style sheet code to be used: ><div id=“content”>This would be the text that is modified! As you can see I only used this once because that‘s all single ids are supposed to be used per web page.</div> As long as you learn to use each as it is intended, then you should be doing okay. Now that we have the basic guts of the style sheet covered, lets move on to actually creating where we put all this code. There are two types of CSS. One type is embedded (inside the actual page your editing) and the other is external (a separate file that you call to be used in each page). One way of creating a style sheet is doing it externally. This means the actual style sheet sits outside the page on your web hosting plan. What you’ll need to do is put your code inside a file (using any simple text editor) and instead of using .txt or .html as a file extension save it as, “anything.css”. The name of the style sheet doesn’t matter as long as it’s ending in “.css“. Then put this code into the header part of all the pages you want to use it on: ><link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="anything.css" /> This tells the browser to use the “anything.css” as the style sheet for this specific page. You can put this between your header tags at the top of your web page. The other most popular way is to embed the style sheet into the actual web page in question. This will only modify the attributes defined on that one single page. ><style type="text/css"> #content { align:center; border-left:2px solid #000; border-right:2px solid #000; border-bottom:2px solid #000; width:600px; } </style> This too would be placed between the header tags on your web site in question. Where I have the “content” selector defined would be the place you would place all your style sheet definitions for that one single page. I think that covers the basics of CSS with you pretty well. Once again, this isn’t the end all and be all of CSS tutorials but it should give you enough confidence to look deeper and search more on the topic if you want to learn more.
  19. Another thing you could do would be to right click on the right panel in awstats and choose "save as..." then save it as "stats.html". Then e-mail that page to the folks who need it or upload it up to a non-protected directory and give them the address.
  20. AwStats updates are mainly judged by the folks at Cpanel but we will look into giving the a push in the right direction.
  21. Pretty sure everybody knows what I look like from one of my first board icons I had on here for a while when I first started working at TotalChoice Hosting. The only downside to this is I will lose that feeling of being one of Charlie's Angels talking to an un-identified speaker box when Bill gives me things to do.
  22. Good to hear! Well folks who register their domain name through our service don't have this problem, but after seeing burned cases like the one above I can understand why you would be careful.
  23. Hmm, looks like you'll need to keep bugging this guy or get yourself a new domain name. This is the problem with some domain name registers is they register it under somebody else's name so really you have no claim on trying to move it. If they can't do that, then you might ask them if it would be okay to transfer it over to our domain name registar. Good luck!
  24. First things first, a sub-domain is a web site that is addressed like this: photos.mysite.com or blog.mysite.com You are allowed to host unlimited sub-domains as long as you are not charging for hosting on the sub-domain. Letting your friend have some space is not the only thing a sub-domain is used for though. It can be a good way of breaking up your web site some as well. Also if you have another interest you'd like to host a web site about, this also works. Another thing that we will not allow you to do is point a domain name at a sub-domain. Hope this helps any that might be confused on the process!
  25. I'm have been doing some work on the forums this weekend, so do not fear if you see something missing or changed! Just doing a little organizing/house keeping. Thumbs Up
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