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  1. Got FOUR of these this morning... do you want them for tracking purposes? Lianna
  2. Thanks. I questioned whether to even post the question here...feel free to kill the topic if you want. HEY! I'm so busy, so constantly that I can't see straight about 7/8 of the time. Really, I'm good. No big complaints...just the usual little ones...too cold today, still need a 25th hour in each day. On the plus side, I'm grateful for everything that God has blessed me with, I love my family and they love me and I'm happy with my job(s). YOU?
  3. What are the current limits set on flood control for outgoing mail? Lianna PS: Group Mail has capability to use multiple simultaneous connections...I am only using a single connection though to keep me out of trouble. Edit: TCH-Bruce - removed the limit talk
  4. Here's a good read for you (and a service that I use, btw): DynamicDNS from ChangeIP (no static ip's required.) If this sounds like something you're interested in, please PM me.)
  5. Tracy, I'm sure that you could email HG with your suggestions. No creativty is ever wasted effort.
  6. Thanks for sharing all these great ideas. Here are mine - Basket with a great chick-flick DVD, popcorn, candy and her favorite drink. Get a babysitter if applicable and order in Chinese. Sit on the couch and eat with chopsticks (cuz you can't eat from the couch when the kids are around). Best addition to that present is a set of flannel drawstring jammies. Cozy.
  7. UFM Links: Documentation Get Help That should do the trick.
  8. Thanks Thomas, between the glue and chains, I guess I'm pretty much stuck for a while! (and btw, I haven't forgotten about changing your link on my site...just been waiting for my major revamp. It probably isn't coming soon, so I'll change the link as soon as I can.)
  9. Schucks! How cool was this thread? I've been lurking about. Really busy, but not going anywhere. Rob must have had someone/thing else for lunch. Robert must have kidnapped my twin, although I'm certain he wouldn't know what she would look like to find her. And Tracy....IT SNOWED!!! Finally last Thursday, we got 2.5 whole inches!!! At least it was enough to build a snowman and give me a driveway full of work. Winter is officially complete now and has my permission to move on to Spring. Anyway, sorry to have been elusive folks...will try to be more involved.
  10. I was just notified yesterday by a client that he'd received a similar email proclaiming they were from paypal. The link in the email seemed legit, as it took him to a site with Paypal in the address....however there was no padlock in the status bar of IE and no 's' in https: It had asked for his username, password and FULL credit card number for "verification purposes". SCAM! Paypal will always use secure pages for transfer of information and will NEVER ask for your credit card number for any type of verification! Just FYI for everyone
  11. Moved for better organization of the forums.
  12. Moved for better organization of the forums.
  13. Moved for better organization of the forums.
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