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  1. I have signed up for a TUMBLR account (blogging service) to which they give you a custom domain (www.blah.Tumblr.com) however, they allow you to point to your own domain should you have one which I do. I would like to point this to my personal domain (hosted by TCH > kellielakin.com) How do I do this? This is what their site says to do but I can not find in Cpanel to change: "Then you'll need to follow the registrar's instructions to point the domain's A-record (IP address) to"
  2. I manage one website and would like to provide the 'General account information' without giving access to the cPanel - Is there anyway to only show this information in a webpage?
  3. 1. My Webpage 2. Nikal Designs 3. Full service web solutions studio - design, hosting, support, graphic design 4. commercial 5. A link to TCH can be found on my Links page
  4. I all of the sudden get the following error when trying to send email: An unknown error has occurred. Subject 'Re: Mailing List form Submission', Account: 'mail.nikaldesigns.com', Server: 'mail.nikaldesigns.com', Protocol: SMTP, Port: 25, Secure(SSL): No, Error Number: 0x800CCC0B Any ideas why this would happen. Does it have to do with my ISP or anything? I receive email just fine!
  5. Its strange! When I changed my password so the link would not work. the Link disappeared from his site Mad!!!
  6. FYI... Somehow somebody was able to get into my CPANEL and he linked it on his website. I notice a new Link on my STATS page. When I went there: My CPANEL was linked and easily available. I have since changed my password but am curious how was able to get in#$%@$% Mad!!! He is doing this with other people as well!! [i removed the link to the other site - TCH-Jim]
  7. Does anyone know of issues setting up email accounts in OUTLOOK if you use AOL as a internet service. I am having issues setting up The Email accounts in OUTLOOK. I wasn't sure if AOL did not allow POP 3 accounts Thanks in Advance. Rob
  8. 1. http://www.nikaldesigns.com 2. NikaL Design Studios 3. Full service web salon. Design, hosting, and maintenance. Print/Graphic/logo design also available 4. I am a reseller. Do not have TCH Link Rank Evaluation (please)
  9. Iam not getting my emails in WEB email.. I can get emails if I set up outlook but they do not show up in NEO or HORDE. any ideas on why? am I missing a setup somewhere
  10. Jack, sorry it has taken so long for me to respond....What I am looking for is to turn a application into a on-line form. So when it gets emailed to the client it is organized and reader friendly. The 'pretty' confirmation email would also be great.
  11. What is the trick to getting a IFRAME to stay stationary? In other words, I do not want tthe Iframes to move around (left to right) when the browser is readjusted. Any ideas?
  12. Hi Surefire...The Script is working out great. Could you possibly give instruction on how to format the email that it sends out? give it some color? make it 'pretty' if you will. Dance something better than the drab fields only email.
  13. Yes. I usually access my CPANEL from another ISP 'Adelphia'..I have sold this account to a relative and they are on another ISP 'comcast' so I( get Access denied. Not sure why. I have tried typing it in and no difference. This account has been astablished so that could not be it.
  14. I am trying to access my CPANLE via the email sent to me by TCH. When hitting the Link in the email I get "Access Denied" * It will open on my original Computer but when trying to open wit the same link on a different Computer it will not let me. Any Suggestion? Thanks
  15. Ok...Lets see if I can explain this correctly.... All the pages that I create are in tables. Meaning, they all have 'space' between the top of the browser and the begining of the design. How do I create a web page/design that reaches the very edges of the browser walls? Example: http://www.thinkdigitally.com/ Has is graphics coming out of the top and left side of the page. No space in betweeb the graphic and browser walls This is got to be simple but being new to this I am missing something
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