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  1. Well we have several data centers across the United States, so yes the server time will vary from server to server. If you ever notice anything going really odd though with the server time just put in a help desk ticket and one of our admins will look things over for you.
  2. Well, let us know what problem your having and we'll all try our bests!
  3. Very intresting I might have to check this out! Also, mighty nice looking web site you have there!
  4. I don't belive there is a way inside Cpanel to do this. If the students were all using the same mail program I'd say you could perhaps create a new rule that would say something like, "Only accept mail from these addresses" or something to that effect.
  5. No, I'm afraid not. Any updates done to Squirrelmail would have to be done server-wide in a case like this. Sorry!
  6. Nice idea! It's always a good idea to give the gift of TotalChoice Hosting though. I'd say the easiest way would be to sign up things under your own name, then after they have received it as the Christmas present then put in a help desk ticket so we can switch over the contact information.
  7. In all honesty I'd say the options are just about equal. The advantage of having the reseller package would be the ability to manage all your accounts in one spot. That's my two cents..
  8. You might want to have a look at these few articals from our TotalChoice Hosting Help Site. This should help you get on the right path to getting things published. TotalChoice Hosting Help Site - Dreamweaver
  9. No, I'm afraid this would be against our Acceptable Use Policy. You'd need to get them set up with their own web hosting plan. Sorry! Although at $4 a month maybe it would be something they could invest in?
  10. Hmm.. do any specific error message pop up? Another thing I would check would be contacting your ISP to make sure they haven't started to block any ports recently you'd need to access your mail. Also, you might try setting up your mail through a diffrent mail client and see if you have the same problem.
  11. I'd say the best place for you to start would be looking either of these two places: TotalChoice Hosting Help Site or TotalChoice Hosting Tutorials Both give lots of good information and should get you pointed in the right direction at least. Thumbs Up
  12. I do belive there is something about this on the help site, but I'll take a look in a few to make sure. If not then I'll be more than happy to write one up! Good suggestion!
  13. What photo gallery script would you suggest to use? I've played with many myself and I think I lean more to Gallery myself, although Coppermine does have some good looking templates. Let us know what you think, and if there's another one you like even more please.. let us know! Thumbs Up
  14. If you have not noticed yet, this afternoon we added a new link to the top of the forums. This way if you want to stay on top of things, you can have a look at all the unanswered posts and make your thoughts known. Enjoy! Thumbs Up
  15. When you get into something like that, it really depends on the situation. The best rule of thumb is to make sure you have clear and easy ways to opt out of getting e-mails from any kind of lists you might want to host.
  16. I haven't heard of too many big web-based RSS readers out there, but I did a little searching on SourceForge and this is what I found: RSS Owl - sourceforge.net/projects/rssowl/ I'm a big fan of syndication though, so I'll keep my eyes open for a good one.
  17. As Rob said, I don't think this would be do-able since the server loads would be knocked up. Also as Rob said this would have to be changed server-wide which would really be bad on the server. Man, Rob is one smart cookie!
  18. Your going to have to contact the old register directly about this, show them the Whois research you found and ask them if you can get the domain name transfered to your own name. This is why it's always important though to read the fine print! Also another good reason why TotalChoice Hosting rocks, since when you by your domain name through us YOU actually own your domain name.
  19. Does it make you a dork? Heck no! Welcome to the family, hope you come the forums here often! Happy hosting!
  20. Thanks, yep this is a very helpful feature indeed. One more reason to tell the family, friends and neighbors that TotalChoice Hosting is the way to go!
  21. Well it just gives you one more reason to screen the clients you host a little bit better. Sometimes it depends on a case by case basis but you must remember TotalChoice Hosting has a zero-spam tolerance.
  22. TCH-Sales


    Well they are two diffrent shopping cart scripts. Both are pretty close, except they're made by diffrent folks.
  23. Some scripts will require you to put in the direct path (including the public_html part) but for the most part you should be alright without it because it's understood.
  24. For the special "Holiday" edition of the MySite Client Showcase we decided to have a talk with Bill Stacy from buickstreet.com. Bill had lots to say and it's well worth the time to check it out! The Holiday MySite Showcase Interview!
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