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  1. ah okay! Thanks. The good news is that it isn't happening anymore. :-) But I will file that away.
  2. I guess it could be a coincidence, but I'm suddenly getting spam e-mail that appears to be from email service at domains by proxy with a different reply-to address. Anyway, it's obviously spam, and could certainly be a forged address, but what's odd is that it's being sent to a private address that I only use for correspondence about my website accounts. I don't give it out to anyone who would possibly sell it. So I was just wondering if they've been hacked lately or anything.
  3. That's good information to know! That explains why I could access it fine for the longest time, and then suddenly one day I could not. My cookies must have expired. I sent them a message telling them of my issue, and suggested that they put the link that does work as an alternate for those who can't see that page. We'll see if it helps!
  4. It said "Done" at the bottom, so I presumed... lol.... A friend found this page for me.... and it then gave me a choice for my state, city, etc. I was able to get on from there. http://help.rr.com/AA/rrwho.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2fDefault.aspx Thanks everyone for the help! I thought I'd post the link in case anyone else ever has the problem. It's maddening, though, because you do have to have an exact link. I think they have so many of their pages set to redirect to the page that wouldn't ever load for me, so I kept ending up there, no matter what I typed in.
  5. thanks. I redownloaded flash just in case my version was outdated and I even rebooted afterward just for sport, lol. My puter is only a couple of years old, so i don't think that's the issue. I checked my internet security, and it's set to play flash and animations, etc. and there's nothing blocked for rr.com.... guess i'll give them a call!
  6. p.s. no matter how I try to access their site, I keep getting redirected to this page.
  7. http://www.rr.com/flash/index.cfm I've tried off and on for a week, so I seriously doubt it's them. Which leaves me. All I get is a dark blue page, and I've tried multiple internet browsing programs. I guess I have a security setting set too high, but... which one?
  8. Thanks. Thought I'd update in case anyone else ever had the question. I went ahead and chose the parachat, figuring it's made by the same people who do the boards. They did have a discount available after I signed up, so I was able to get more features than I thought I could. Overall, I'm very pleased. It shows who's in the chatroom at the bottom of the board right under the who's online section. They have some emoticons I could do without, but I can't change them because it's hosted by them and not me. Other than that, I'm happy with it. Oh yeah, and you guys will love this.... I cannot log-in to the chat administration section using Internet Explorer. I tried and tried; and then I tried in Firefox and it worked fine. Tried again in IE, and still no dice, LOL.
  9. Okay... I convinced my friend to take the plunge and set up a paid invision power board (not my site, a different one.) Now... I'm wanting to have an integrated chatroom that uses the same database as the message board. I'm looking at sigma chat and invision parachat, and I was just curious if anyone had any experiences with either one or any recommendations. I've tried the free ad-supported version of the parachat, and I like it; however, there's some better moderation features on sigma chat for a lower price. Otherwise, the parachat would be a slam dunk. Thanks in advance for any thoughts.
  10. I'll take snow!!! It'll melt and make water. We haven't seen a good snowstorm in at least a decade, LOL. In fact, none of my children have ever seen real snow.
  11. 10/11 I'm good as long as I stay away from sharks. I even went back through and guessed the right shark answer, but didn't have time to read why it was right before it was taken away. Oh well.
  12. You want summer? I'll be happy to box it up and send it to you!!!! It's our spring but it'll feel like summer to you. Although, we are enjoying a nice cold front right now. It was in the 80-90s (Fahrenheit) here last week. Hey Bruce, why don't we do an exchange: you send us rain, I send Thomas summer, and I'll send you our drought.
  13. gzip..... is this on invision or phpbb ? or both?
  14. Thanks! I did notice that the php and invision boards use less bandwidth. Something else for me to keep in mind.
  15. no log files... but still, thanks , that sounds like that'd do the trick. I can right click on the page to see how many bytes there are and we have a hit counter that I can reset. Excellent!!!!
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