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  1. Welcome to the full-timmers club Adnan! As Don said, if there's anything I can do just let me know!
  2. Hey Kelly! For all you who don't know you can thank/blame Kelly there for bringing me to TotalChoice Hosting in the first place over a year ago.
  3. Don't give up just yet trowan! Could you please put in a help desk ticket about this? Make sure you include a test e-mail address for us to check as well with the SquirrelMail account. We'll check things out from this end then hopefully together we can figure out where the problem is!
  4. That's right, no affiliate program in place, but hey do not let that stop you from telling your friends and family about us!
  5. Wow, its not even been 24 hours yet and yall are making me feel bad for leaving in the first place! Gotta love this place!
  6. I just checked out the web site itself and it looked as if all was well from there. You might check though to make sure your Frontpage settings are correct, and if that doesn't work then drop in a help desk ticket and we'll take a look at the issue for you.
  7. I found this website one day while searching for the meaning behind a lot of the un-needed processes running behind Windows XP. This place has the best source information on just about everything that might be running behind the scenes and lets you know if you really need it or not. As always, when messing with this type of stuff you might want to really think about it before you turn anything off. If you just want the general information though, this is the place to get it! blackviper.com
  8. Yeah, thats the problem with some of those plugins.. they are great works, but nobody really sat down to write a lot of support docs for 'em. If David Rayners was around right now, I'm sure this would gain his intrest.. He's really the "Mr. MT" around these parts. You might try searching through MT's support forums (they should have a thread on each plugin I belive) so maybe if you run into trouble, somebody might have had it before you. ... and hey, it's great to be back! Love to help you folks with your troubles!
  9. Here are a few more plugins you might look into: mt-plugins.org/archives/entry/weatherunderground.php mt-plugins.org/archives/entry/weathernws.php There's also this site for a little weather pixie person as well: weatherpixie.com
  10. Have you ever looked at MovableType? MT or any "blog" type engine might be what you need to make posting articles on your website easier for yourself and the author.
  11. Mitch WHO!? Nice to know I have not been forgotten around these parts! :heart Got to say I have missed the clients here at Total Choice Hosting very much and look forward to helping you tackle your web hosting questions once again! I have returned!
  12. The following are a list of blocked extentions by the TotalChoice Hosting exim filters from outgoing or incoming mail: # |ba[st] # |chm # |cmd # |com # |cpl # |crt # |eml # |exe # |hlp # |hta # |in[fs] # |isp # |jse? # |lnk # |md[be] # |ms[cipt] # |pcd # |pif # |reg # |scr # |sct # |shs # |url # |vb[se] # |ws[fhc])
  13. If there is an IP address you want to block from your website, you can do so inside Cpanel. Here are the steps: 1. Log into your Cpanel account. 2. Under "Site Management", go to Ip Deny Manager. 3. Under "Add an IP Deny:" enter in the IP address you wish to block. 4. Click "Add". You're all set! Now to remove the IP banning, all you need to do is remove the string it created in your .htaccess file or select it from the drop down menu on the Ip Deny Manager page.
  14. Question: I just launched my site a few days ago and I am wondering what keywords I should target since there is such a large number of online gaming sites out there. All my games are free and use either flash or shockwave. There are 5 categories of games: action, sports, classic, shooting, and puzzle. If you need any more info on it just let me know. Answer: First, I'd set different keywords on different pages. On the shooting page focus on shooting and on action focus on action. You want to try to catch anyone looking for shooting games as well as those looking for your overall arcade site so maximize your chances of that by customizing the keywords for each section. Also, try to use some of the tools to see what keywords are being searched for versus which keywords are overly used. For instance, if "shockwave shooting game" is searched for pretty often and there are only a very few sites with that as their keywords then you are set. You can use words like "game" but you'd probably be so far down the list it wouldn't be pretty. I face the same thing with charterboats here in Key West - there are a bazillion of them. Find your niche. Also check the stuff here in this forum. There are some great pinned articles as well as other useful tidbits. Remember, think like a user - go to google and pretend you're looking for some fun small flash games like yours and put in the search. There will be a bunch so again, think like a user and imagine how to narrow the search down to exactly the kinds of games you have and go for those keywords. (Thanks to TCH-Jim for the answer to this question!)
  15. Yeah, no worries domain setups can take 1-6 hours. Once its set up, you will receive a welcome email with more details.
  16. A Robot tag should only be used if you would like to prevent a spider from acting. "noindex" tells the spider to continue onto linked pages but do not index the current page. "nofollow" tells the spider to index the current page but do not follow the links on the page. Thus... ><meta name="robot" content="noindex, nofollow"> would tell the spider not to index this page and not to follow any links. One more option (there are others but really these three are the only ones to use) would be: ><meta name="robots" content="noarchive"> which tells the spider not to cache the page. (Thanks to TCH-Scott for the answer to this question.)
  17. Question: When you submit a site to google, should you just submit the index page or should you submit pages separately? Answer: If you are going to submit to them, just send the index page. Google will spider the rest. The best way to be included is to have them come from an outside link to your site and spider if you can. (Thanks to TCH-Rob for the answer to this question.)
  18. Within CPanel, there is the ability to submit your web site to multiple search engines after filling in just a few details. While you can do this, this is what our SEO expert Scott had to say about it:
  19. Sorry for the delay, but I've just finished up the tutorial you asked for! Enjoy!
  20. Hey Nat, yes.. there is a better FTP client, try downloading SmartFTP. In SmartFTP all you should have to do is right click the file you want to change the permission of, go down to "Properties/CHMOD" and you can type the number or check the boxes.. whichever suits your fancy. Hope it works out for you!
  21. By "divs" I'm guessing that you mean by using CSS. The first place to check out would be our CSS Tutorial. This will give you a basic understanding of how to work with the code in general.
  22. You know what they say, once you go TotalChoice Hosting, you never go back! Happy to hear of the warm and fuzzies and hope to see you around and about here for a very long time!
  23. Yeah, Lianna is right on the money! I'm sure we'll upgrade when we can be sure the version is stable and will not cause our clients any problems.
  24. If the tag board has a way of figuring out their IP address, then you could block it from accessing your site.
  25. Has this happened more than one time or is it just with this one person? Problem might be they are filtering out the message or their ISP could be at fault. If mail never gets sent out then that could be a problem.
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