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  1. I have a dedicated server on TCH and have been using the Mailman list program. I've run into a few spam problems and I'm looking for a better option. I'm told there are some other, perhaps better, email list programs including phplist or dadamail. I need to find someone who can consult with me to determine the best match and then load the script on my server and hold my hand afterward. I'm willing to pay for the help because I don't have the time right now to do the research and get involved in the details. Does anyone have a recommendation for a third party server/script consultant? Thanks, Jerry Presley
  2. I've used PHP Bulletin Board on several web sites and every one has been hacked or spammed to death. I started out by letting PHPBB Guests post. Oops! Then I allowed only Registered Users to post. Over the last 4 months, I've had 150 new registered users sign up, all from foreign countries and none of them legitimate. The posts are for casinos, drugs and other Internet scams. 1) How do I remove PHPBB from a web site? 2) Which Fantastico application should I use in its place? 3) Is it possible to create an access list that denies access from any IP outside the U.S.? I need a forum application that requires little supervision. Thanks, Jerry
  3. "or you could change your email program to access the old mail server by IP number as well" That's a great idea that I haven't thought of. I'll test that on Monday. Thanks. Jerry
  4. Okay, this is for the benefit of the next person who runs into the same problem. I could not publish FP to the IP address. It did not recognize the IP address as having FP Extensions loaded. Makes sense, since this is a shared server. FP then tried to FTP to the site. I have FP 2000, so it may be too old, but it would not FTP the site to the server. It would make a connection, but never really uploaded the whole site. Next, I searched the TCH Forums on FTP and found a recommendation on a free FTP application called Core FTP. I Googled "Core FTP" and downloaded a copy. I then used Core FTP to upload the web site to the server. Worked like a charm. Now, all of the email addresses are setup and the web site is loaded. My next step is to repoint the DNS info from the old server to the TCH DNS and the transition from the old to the new should be completely seemless. The only issue is how to transition emails. My plan on that is to disable the existing email accounts on the old server first. That should generate a bounce message to anyone sending emails. The sender would at least know that their email was not delivered. Then, on a Friday late afternoon, I'll repoint the DNS from the old to the new TCH server. It should take 24 to 48 hours for the new DNS to propagate. I hope. Anyone have experience on this??? Once the DNS propagates, the only thing I think I need to do is reset the Outlook email accounts on the local machines on Monday morning. Once that is done, I think the email service will be back up and working. Does anyone have any comments? We plan on making the switch next weekend. Thanks, Jerry
  5. YES! All is right with the world. I was able to get to cpanel two ways: "h*tp://IPaddress/cpanel" and "h*tp:IPaddress:2082" Next, I'll try to publish web site using FP. TCH Rocks. I love this forum. Jerry
  6. When I go to "h*tp://IPaddress/~account" I see the placeholder page. I know the account is set up. When I go to "h*tp://IPaddress/~account/cpanel" I get Page Cannot Be Displayed. Is there a port number I can substitute for "cpanel"? Thanks, Jerry
  7. Hi everyone. I have a domain that I have not yet switched over from the old DNS server to the new TCH DNS server. I'm on server 19 and I know the shared IP address for that server. I want to publish the web site using FP to the new server before the I change the DNS server so that when the new DNS info takes hold, it will be totally seemless. One moment a user might go to the old server and when it propogates, they will get to the new TCH server. I also need to setup email through cpanel. How can I access cpanel before the domain propogates? Thanks, Jerry
  8. What are the chances of TCH offering an upgrade service that has virus scanning on a shared server? I would like to to share the costs with other TCH clients wanting to offer virus scanning of email. Is there interest from other TCH customers to join me? If so, add a reply. A Loyal Customer Jerry Presley
  9. [An email should go out when they hit 80%] First, I must tell you how much I appreciate this forum. I've been a fan of TCH and SNH from the get-go. The forum is a major benefit and I know I can always escalate this to a trouble ticket if need be. I really am a fan of what Bill has put together. If you ever need a reference, PLEASE use me. Rob, you are terrific. Now, to my issue: The email goes out to the listed contact at the domain. I want the individual user at User@Domain.com to know the % of his/her quota he/she is using. Is there a way for the end user to know what % of their individual disk quota they are using? Thanks, Jerry
  10. [You will need to configure your list manager so that it breaks up the number of messages it sends out over a period of time though. ] How do I do that and what are the limitations? Thanks. Jerry
  11. Many of my users use web mail exclusively and therefore their mail never gets deleted. Even when they do delete their mail, they oftentimes never empty their trash can. The result is a lot of disk space used. Is there a way for users to know how much of their individual quota they are using? Is there a bar graph that shows them the % disk space used? Thanks, A Loyal Customer Jerry Presley
  12. I'm a reseller and would like to offer virus filtering as part of the email service. Is there a process or an option available for this? Thanks, A Loyal Customer Jerry Presley
  13. I need to establish about 6 Mailing Lists in a few months, one with 1,500 members and the others ranging from 300 to 800 members. What are the limitations, if any, of establishing these lists? Are there size restrictions? Can lists these sized be hosted on TCH? Anything I need to be aware of? Thanks, A Loyal Customer Jerry Presley
  14. I'm looking for a way for each end user to see how much of their alloted quota they are using. .. maybe expressed as a percentage like hotmail does. How can a user tell when they get close to the storage limit?
  15. I've been with Total Choice Hosting (and SNH) for two years and have had a few problems. Fact is, Bill or his team has always answered my calls, answered my emails, answered my forum posts and fixed the problem. What else can I ask for? I'm still with TCH and believe they have a quality product with an unbeatable price. Wow. What a combination. Jerry Presley
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