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  1. For more information on propagation you might want to read this article I wrote back in July of last year: http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/jargon/what-is-prop.html
  2. It's my turn now! Gotta say ever since I came back to the "family" things have been getting better and better! You can always count on TotalChoice Hosting to keep the surprises coming!
  3. James, I got to say your board picture there rocks.. hail to the king!
  4. Wait a minute, does that mean I'm really a flying rubber chicken?!
  5. If you're still curious as to what all the stats in AWstats mean, one of our staff members wrote a tutorial on it a few months ago. Hope that helps! Thumbs Up
  6. We have loads of knowledge like the FAQs, you just got to know where to look! We have the tutorial section on the forums here and also the help site is a good place to get information as well.
  7. I don't think it has any security issues, I just never found it very useful. Seems I got loaded just as quick with it off.
  8. I used to use both AIM and Yahoo a whole bunch, but now I love Trillian Pro.
  9. Yes there were major security issues with it, and we did try just about ever work around in the book but once it was all said and done, the best protection for us and our clients was removing it all together.
  10. I don't know if this would be doable 100% or not. Since these are shared servers, any actions with cPanel iteself might be asking for a bit much. I will see what I can find.
  11. Yes we do have a phone number on our support page for emergency situations. However, I belive you'll find our many other forms of support just as useful. With having the live support via the opperator, yahoo messanger, or aim you know you can talk to a real person anytime. Then with our tutorials and help site, you could find the answer to your question without having to ask. Last but not least we have the help desk where you can put in a help desk ticket in which we will have one of our techs personally look at your situation from the inside. If you got anymore questions please let us know!
  12. Yeah I love AVG personally, haven't ever had a problem with it not working or bogging anything down. I had plenty of years fighting with Norton, so its nice to see an anti-virus that does it's job and does it without doing 10 other things I don't need at the same time.
  13. No problems that I know of yet, you might check "My Controls" at the top of the forums to make sure you're still subscribed to the forums you're expecting messages from.
  14. Yeah as somebody who's spent much of their online career doing article/tutorial writting with a fun flare to it, such as Webmonkey really began, it's sad to see it's going to die off.
  15. Not to get off subject, but I just have to agree with Mike on this one! David Lee Roth made Van Halen!
  16. The bit of HTML you showed me from the page is what you'd want to work around and replace. Should be able to find it within the templetes. Just make sure you make a backup of the origional just in case something bad happens. Always good to be able to go back.
  17. Well the "logo4.gif" is the file you'd need to replace, but as far as getting it to go all the way across the top you might be better off by just re-writting the HTML for the top. That'd probably be quicker than trying to edit the code thats there now.
  18. It does support it, it just doesn't do it well. In other words you have to keep playing with the two diffrent codes till you get it working on both ends.
  19. Well in Internet Explorer it looks like your header transparancy is working. Transparancy is a hard thing still for CSS to pick up because in its nature it picks up whatever the parent CSS code is. After doing a Google search on the matter it sounds like CSS 3 might fix some of these issues but that's still a ways away. After spending many hours knee deep in HTML myself the best thing to do is to move it around several places to see if you can get it working. It is working where you called it exact in the header's HTML so there's nothing wrong with your code there at least. Hope this helps!
  20. Lets see if I can answer a few questions that have come up about me being gone. Where have I been? Well, I've been working with several other companies and buisnesses doing article writting. Will Jeering Jargon be back? Well never say never, but right now I'm just trying to get myself back into the "groove".
  21. With the abundance of patches for Windows that have been released (not bashing it, just being truthful here) I'd say having a CD of at least some of them would be mighty helpful with doing any reinstalls. Then again, I'm one of those folks that waits for a little bit to make sure the patch is safe before installing as well.
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