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  1. Thank you Tommy. It always feels great to hear such feedbacks from long term clients.
  2. Celebrate the joys and wonders of the season with your near and dear ones
  3. Java is not part of our shared hosting plans. You will need to get a dedicated server to have servlets installed.
  4. This maintenance has been postponed. I will post the new date and time shortly.
  5. I apologize for the confusion, our website is in the process of getting updated. The reason Tina asked you to open a ticket for dedicated server enquiry is that we may be able to give you a better deal in terms of server configurations and price if you can tell us what your requirements are. Once I know that, I can get the NOC team to build a server using the best combination. Hoping to see you as part of the happy TCH family.
  6. Regarding on how you can get the details of traffic to your site, your cpanel has a section "Awstats" which will give you the statistics generated from various logs in a user friendly way. Please check it out.
  7. I am sorry for the inconveniences caused to you. Accounts are suspended only if the nature of the issue is severe like multiple spam complaints, account compromises, loads which may potentially crash the server or taking up a major share of resources. Please note that on a shared hosting platform, all users should have their fair share of resources and we cannot let one account degrade the server performance.
  8. Help Desk is back online, we apologize if you were trying to contact us earlier when the help site was down.
  9. TCH Help Desk is down for maintenance. This does not mean the servers are down. If you need immediate assistance, our techs are available via Live Chat, IRC, or IM (AIM, Yahoo!).
  10. Most probably it is just spoofed emails. If you can post a ticket to our help desk with the logins of the email account, we will be happy to check it out for you.
  11. We will be pushing security and maintenance updates the coming days to all our shared and reseller servers. Since this includes kernel updates as well, we will need to reboot the servers. The maintenance will start after 10PM on December 7. The downtime expected is 5 - 10 minutes per server and if the downtime extends, we will be posting the information of that server under the appropriate server thread HERE. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to submit a help desk ticket at https://www.tchhelp.com.
  12. You will need to speak to the developers of drupal and get the steps to change the emails to use your email account rather than southeas@palpatine.snhdns.com as shown on the headers. We also gave you a link on the ticket to the drupal forums where this same issue is discussed and how you can change it. I just tested by sending email again, it reached my inbox fine and was not marked as spam.
  13. I have given a detailed reply to your ticket on the help desk. Also made a few tweaks on the server and the email I sent to my test account on gmail got delivered to the inbox and not on the spam folder. From your end I would request you to alter your script to use a valid working email as the Envelope-From instead of the default email address so that everything on the email being sent will refer to your domain name and not the catchall xxxxx@palpatine.snhdns.com as seen on the header you gave us on ticket.
  14. Moneyball rerun ofcourse, on TV.
  15. Welcome to the family. Wishing you the very best.
  16. Yes, you can delete off the files of the old site and then upload new contents. There is no need to cancel the existing one. You can also register a new domain and then open a ticket to our support team (link is on my signature and on the top menu) and request changing the domain name of the hosting account as well.
  17. We have managed to fix the issue with this APC device without the above said downtime maintenance. So this notice stands cancelled.
  18. We are replacing a APC device on our NOC and this will create downtimes on the servers mentioned below. APC is the device which allows us to remote reboot, power down / up servers. ----- montreal norfolk portland phoenix philadelphia sanantonio tampa vdt102 vdt104 vdt111 vdt115 vdt110 vdt113 vdt105 ----- This is scheduled after 12am 07 Oct 2012 and expected downtime is around one hour.
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