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  1. I checked the help desk, your ticket was handled and replied to by our tech Alex in under 30 minutes explaining what was done. Kindly check it out and if you still need assistance, feel free to reopen the ticket simply by replying to the email update you got from us without changing the subject line.
  2. On cPanel interface, it is limited to 18 characters. If you are using a random string with a good mix of alphabets (both upper and lower), numbers and special symbols, it is generally said a length of 8 is enough. Personally I use 12 - 15 characters.
  3. Kindly open a help desk ticket and include the one of the email address which is having the issue so that we can check the server logs to give you a solution.
  4. Your IP was blocked on our firewall. I have now lifted the ban. Please check it out now.
  5. While fighting off the DDOS, we were able to see that the attack was mostly concentrated on the main IP of felucia. So we took steps to change the IP of all accounts on it to a new one. All sites are now up and running, you may need to clear the cache of your browser and restart it if your account is hosted on felucia and it still appears down. We are still working on the network and will update you if there is anything new to report.
  6. The server is not down and I can view the site fine. Please open a ticket to our help desk, link on my signature and on top menu, with your public IP as listed on http://whatismyip.com/ so that we can see if your IP got blocked on our firewall.
  7. Thank you for the review and for your kind words Go Dick !!
  8. Welcome to the team and TCH family Deepak... I will teach you the ways of the force, young padwan !
  9. The features that you are looking for are not available on cpanel.
  10. Very Many Happy Returns Of The Day, Terri !
  11. The installation was failing becuase drupal requires a lot of memory to run which is not enabled by default on php configurations. This is to ensure that scripts do not run away with all the resources and it is available to all the users, being a shared server. To override the memory limit you need to put a php.ini file with the following entries Next you need to make this override available for your site by adding the following entry on your .htaccess file Verify the Options line is as follows Add the following line below Options entry This will make sure your drupal will install and work fine on our settings server settings. Both these were added to your .htaccess. I belive you tried to reinstall drupal which replaced the .htaccess file which reverted the changes. We have now installed drupal as well as the themes after making the above said changes to your .htaccess file. I have also replied to your ticket with detailed steps on how this was done so that you know what was done and can install it yourself from hereon. If you still need help with it, we are only happy to assist. Please accept my apologies for the inconveniences caused, I truly undestand it has not been the kind of support you expected from us. I believe I was able to restore your confidence in us. I can be contacted via tchgurubala (Yahoo!, AIM) if you need me, also notified owner about your complaint.
  12. I am personally overseeing your ticket and have the tech on duty work with me to fix your problem. The issue is multi fold and I will give you a full update via ticket once we have it set and running.
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