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  1. I am sorry, but we do not provide or support Front Page as it has been made EOL several years back. In tune with cPanel dropping it from their configuration, we too have removed it from our servers http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/faq/support-frontpage.html
  2. I am sorry, but we cannot reveal how the attack is being mitigated on a public forum. We are working this at multiple levels via our onsite network and security admins, upstream provider techs etc using a variety of tools to monitor the traffic and isolate the good ones from the bad.
  3. You are welcome . Managed to isolate most part of the current attack wave. NOC team is still working on it.
  4. We are seeing another wave of attack to our facility. Our entire team is working to mitigate this. Please give us some time while our network admins analyze the network to filter the attack. We will be posting updates here as things progress.
  5. Just wanted to update that we are still working on it and hope to resolve this shortly.
  6. We are currently experiencing network issue on our NOC affecting many of our servers. Our NOC team is working to get this sorted. Please give us some time. Thank you for your understanding and patience.
  7. Hello Ron, We are well alive and kicking, just been busy in the background. That does not mean we are responding slow to our clients. The quick response you got for the ticket you posted to our support department a few minutes back should clear any doubts you have regarding the same . Our management is planning out new products which are still under development. As always, we will be updating the news here as things progress. Thank you for your concerns, continued interest and business.
  8. cPanel interface has changed since the time this post was made. On the cpanel page that lists all your email accounts, if you click on "More" button just to the right of your email. you will be able to see "Manual Settings" listed on the bottom.
  9. Thank you for the update and feedback. Happy to have resolved the issue to your satisfaction.
  10. Plavin is not on the affected servers list. Please open a ticket via our help desk with the domain names, we will check it out.
  11. Atifrana, Thank you for your review and the kind words.
  12. Yes, you are correct. You can start uploading your pages to the subdomain directory.
  13. If you are choosing a dedicated server 1) If the account is hosted on a cpanel server, we can get the account transferred over to your new server free of cost. 2) You can host any number of accounts. 3) SSH access is available.
  14. There is absolutely no restriction for cpanel access based on IP or country. I believe this happened because your browser sessions were cached or you were using the cpanel url with an outdated session id. Please make sure that you are always using the url http://******/cpanel when logging into cpanel and that you log off from cpanel once your work is done.
  15. If you use webmail (roundcube, horde, squirrelmail), the emails will not be deleted just by reading it. It will be deleted only if you delete it via the webmail interface. Thunderbird help site shows that IMAP can be configured like the way you need. Please check out the link :: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/imap-synchronization
  16. Please open a ticket to our help desk with the screen shot of your settings so that we can check this out.
  17. vps104 migration is complete, accounts confirmed resolving from the new server.
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