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    Cruising the high seas, reading great fiction novels, container gardening, grandkids, endlessly messing with the computer, going to the gym. Going is kind of an exaggeration actually.

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  1. She took it in! Apparently it worked fine at the shop. I was hoping it would be something really obvious to the forum. This is not MY laptop ... it's my daughter who is having the problem. I was hoping to save her some $ BEFORE she had to pay at Future Shop!
  2. Got this message from frantic daughter who is in middle of planning LARGE surprise party! "Laptop has a bug ... can only get some websites, google, Evite, telus webmail. It changes to some "tevio" website that says we have no connection to the internet ... think it was something we downloaded? " Does anyone out there have any suggestion besides taking the laptop in for fixing? Thanks a lot for your attention.
  3. Hi, I'm back with Adobe questions. I got a letter from my password program telling me that hackers claimed to have hacked the Adobe site 2013-11-03 and they had detected that my email address was included in the data published as part of the leak. Needless to say I was not pleased. I have since changed the passwords and I hope that's the end of the bad news . I still don't really understand why I am actually "signed in" to any of their programs. I don't pay them any $ for whatever it is they do ... so why do I have to be signed in with a password? Why do they give me any of their programs? Installed on this computer are: Adobe Acrobat 5.0 Adobe Flash Player 11 ActiveX Adobe flash Player 11 plugin Adobe Reader XI (ll.0.05) Can I/should I delete any of the above without messing up my computer?
  4. Thank you Mike. As we speak everything appears normal. I went into power settings and made some changes and so far so good. I know I had made some changes to my power settings before I went on vacation. I "think" I added SLEEP to the setting but can't recall now. I should remember "if it ain't broke, don't fix it!" I'll let you know if I run into the problem again. Fingers crossed! Appreciate your assistance. MM
  5. I recently shut my one year old Certified Data desktop computer (London Drugs) off for one month whilst travelling. The first problem I had when I returned was connecting to our household network system and accessing the internet. After much fiddling and completely rebooting the household via our kitchen laptop, I was back on the network. Since that day I have a new problem that I have been unable to correct. I don't turn off my desktop at night. I have the power settings at default. Every morning when I come to my desktop everything appears to be normal. The screen has gone to black but it boots up right away. I double click to open my email programs. Nothing happens. I cannot connect to the internet. No error message comes up. I can't use task manager or control panel. Double clicking does nothing. I can't even shut down from the start menu. I have to do a shut-down by holding the power switch on the tower for about 5 sec. I wait 30-60 sec, power up and once it's fully loaded, all works fine. The laptop in the kitchen has none of these problems. I'm sure that continuing to force the power off is eventually going to damage the computer. It has Windows 7. I use McAfee. I regularly run Malwarebytes and have never had malware or viruses. Would appreciate your direction.
  6. My apologies for not responding when I first read your reply. Just to let you know, I understand what you said and I now realize what the program is and I'll do the updates as they arrive in the future. Many thanks. MM
  7. I posted earlier today on this subject and I may not have placed in the right spot. I discovered an update for this program on my desktop this morning. It had also place an icon in my toolbar at the bottom of my screen. I know nothing about this program. It wants to update itself on my computer. I am very hesitant to do this because I do not know anything about what it is or what it does ... or how it got onto my "new" computer. It looks like it has something to do with gaming. I don't game. I checked my programs and I also have CCC which is another catalyst program. Can someone fill me in so that I know if I should delete them both or update them. Many thanks for your time.
  8. AMD Catalyst appeared on my desktop this morning telling me to download an upgrade. There is also appearing in my toolbar at the bottom of my screen. I don't recognize this program ... or understand what it does ... or how it got onto my "new" desktop computer. Is this a program that came with my computer? Is this something I "need." No, I do not do any gaming. I've started the download ... but have stopped it before installing. I'd like to hear what you have to say.
  9. Just needed to clear my cache. Thanks Gail!!!
  10. Please explain how I change my avatar/photo. Nothing in my control panel gives me an option that works. It always reverts back to the old picture. Thanks, MM
  11. Thanks Thomas. I think that sounds like a great idea. I shall work on this tomorow and see if I can set something up without doing too much permanent damage. It sounds pretty simple. That's probably a bad sign. If you hear screaming in the distance ... it's just me. MM
  12. Hi! Apparently I have too much spare time on my hands. You already know that means trouble coming! I would like to "play" with my old mrsmuddled website and maybe try another WordPress.org template, just to see how it looks. I've messed around with templates before and wrecked everything. Thank heavens TCH helper elves always seem to be able to save me from myself and return the site to it's original magnificence. I'd like to take the website offline - do some experimenting and see if I find a template that I like better and then put the site back online. What I need to know is: How do I do this AND, if I end up making a huge botch of my site what exactly do I have to do once I access my cpanel to get everything back to an old backup. I'm sure all of this info is buried somewhere on the forum ... I just can't find it. Cheers! MM
  13. I have recently switched to a new password program. At some point when I was re-setting my cpanel log in info I made an error that left my CPANEL sign in corrupted. I am still able to sign in to TCH forum and my invoice. I am not able to sign into CPANEL. Each time I try to obtain a help ticket I am asked to sign in and every sign in I attempt fails. Could you please assist me in making contact with the help desk.
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