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  1. Any updates? I dont know which server we are on but I do know we are down. What is the current list of servers are up, down (inspection), down (other)?
  2. Just to be clear here for those that read this after the fact, this was a simple miscommunication. I would actually remove what I wrote if I had the option but since I dont suggested reading is for comedic value.
  3. Bala, I do not accept your apology because its not necessary. It was a simple miscommunication under wartime stress. I blame no one here but the pustules on the behind of a plague ridden baboon that did the attack. I offer my apologies though for not waiting longer but when I was mistakenly informed of the reason it reminded me of one other time we were turned off without notice. So, I reacted. I am glad to see that issue has been quashed and TCH continues to provide a great service.
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RWAdb1vgoik
  5. So, by and large we have been pretty happy with our time at TCH. In fact, I would say its been outright uneventful (good thing in the server world) except for 2 events. Here I sit today when we start getting reports that our server isnt responding. I jump in with live support and they say that the Billing department has closed the server. Well darn, I say to myself thinking that the card on file expired or whatever. Imagine my surprise when I find that the card is not only valid but has paid for the current month. Confused I check my emails from TCH to find a big fat goose egg as to the
  6. I have had some issues of late with TCH that made me question whether I should keep my business here. Nothing major just a series of minor things but I stuck it out. Last night, I saw why I stuck it out. In short, we have several servers we use to handle our needs. In the process of turning off some that were believed unnecessary we discovered there were some critical components involved. To make matters worse a series of technical issues kicked in to complicate matters further. The person that normally handles our web was unavailable and much dismay ensued. Well, Bill spent a cou
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