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  1. I have a hosting account with TCH for a website I've allowed to become inactive; the domain registration (not registered through TCH) has expired. If I want to publish a new website, can I delete the files for the old website from my existing TCH acct and use it for the new website? Or, would I need to close this account and open a new account?
  2. Thanks. I should have thought of making a change to one or the other and testing. I'll do that.
  3. Very nice scene, but it's rather dark, as youneverknow said. http://www.dpreview.com/forums/ is a good place to share photos and get comments on your photos.
  4. Obviously, a new website knows it's domain name is propagated by simply verifiying that the site will display at a normal www address. But, in the case of a change of hosting service (changing to Total Choice), is there a way to absolutely confirm that propagation has occurred and the web files can be removed from the former host? In others, would not want to cause downtime by pre-mature removal of files from old host.
  5. Thanks Ohio and Michigan. Eh, but wait til football season.
  6. OK, thanks for your reply. I should have also asked, what directory do I upload to in order to preview the site before going live? Is it the same and I just access it the pre-domain-propagation link provided when I first created this account?
  7. Is /public_html considered the root directory for my web pages?
  8. Thanks. I used that procedure and the problem seems to be resolved.
  9. Yesterday, I sent two test messages to my Total Choice web account from my ISP account via Outlook Express and received them. Today, I tried this again and it does not work. I see no new messages in Horde mail. Also, what's with SquirrelMail? It shows no messages whatsoever.
  10. Thanks for that info. I have downloaded both the forum folder and the MySQL Database Backup. The forum folder was about 1.61MB but the MySQL Database Backup was only 20KB in size. Does that sound right for the MySQL Database Backup? Edit: I see the cPanel for Backup also has an option for Full Backups. I guess that could have been an alternative procedure, or could be done in conjunction with the above steps, although it would be redundant as far as backing up of the bulletin board content. Does Full Backups include all html files for web pages, etc.? In other words, does it include all files in a website, including the bulletin board installed from cPanel?
  11. I have phpBB forum installed; I installed it from the cPanel. What folders/files would I need to back up in order to have a backup of the forum messages on my hard drive so that I could discontinue a forum but possibly restore it later, with the previously posted messages? Do I just need to backup the folder I created for my bulletin board content - in my case, bboard - when I installed it?
  12. OK, I just opened a a ticket at the help desk.
  13. Doesn't work. I went to cPanel and used the automated OE configuration tool to set up the email account in OE. Then tried sending a message from that account and got this error message: http://www.derolph.net/error_message_gif.GIF
  14. If send an email to me@mysite.net, the mail just disappears. If I go to cPanel and access WebMail, the message is not there. As I understand it, me has to be the username issued to me when I set up my account with you, unless I've changed it (which I haven't). Is that right?
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