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  1. Table crash is usually caused by scripts not closing the database sessions correctly, improper read/writes to the db etc. If you can open a ticket to our help desk, we can have a look at it.
  2. The server was under extended disk check, why you were not able to access it earlier. It is been fine since the last few hours.
  3. Mdub702, I believe you are on matra.
  4. Am afraid obiwan is going to need to be restored. Updates about that server will be posted HERE
  5. matra taken down for inspection.
  6. endor.tchmachines.com :: network card failed, replacing
  7. We are going through the servers that are still down, some of which did not power up or on disk check.
  8. We are coming up.......................
  9. Got word that the building got hit by lightning. All power and fiber lines are down. Two portable generators are in route as is the utility company. The fiber to the building is down in multiple places due to bad storms, we have fiber crews out working it.
  10. Our facility is at Troy MI. At the moment we are waiting for electricians update
  11. Looks like it is a major power fault at the building. They are working on it, am sorry to say there is no ETA yet.
  12. We are experiencing downtime on our NOC, it is not just TCH but the entire facility which hosts our NOC. We are in the process of tracking this down We have all our team working on this. We will update you as soon as we get it from the Data Centre guys.
  13. Thank you for your interest in our hosting product. I am sorry but we are not taking up any design works at the moment.
  14. This is the first time I am hearing such a thing, there are no differences in how spamassassin works whether you are on POP/IMAP or with/without ssl. But I have never worked without secure ports. Regarding other hosts, please note that we are using the latest version of cpanel on all servers with nightly updates direct from their official repository so there should not be any difference in the underlying software. Spamassasin is a very generic tool and it all depends on how you configure it along with your filters that will make the difference. No two email accounts are never alike, so the set of rules you define for one may not be affective for the other. You need to continually tweak it till you get the right set.
  15. This is complete. We are still monitoring the server to make sure there are no issues. If you are facing any issues, please open a ticket to our support department. We will gladly check it out.
  16. We just got informed that the data center where our DNS server dns4.totalchoicehosting.com / dns4.snhdns.com is located is going to discontinue the facility. Since we are being forced to move our server, we are taking this opportunity to move the server into our own Data Center. This migration is scheduled for 25 May 2013 after 11 pm. If your domain is pointed to us using the above DNS Host Name you will need to take NO action. Your domain will continue to work after our migration to our new server. If you are using the DNS Server IP Address to point your domain name to us then you will be required to update the IP at your DNS registrar. The new IP for this nameserver will be We will be updating this forum as this process gets going. As always, our techs are available to attend any queries you may have.
  17. Please provide the transaction id or domain name so that I can check the status of your hosting account purchase.
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