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  1. (gonna try revive this, i think this is fun) Fur
  2. The restriction on forwarders was removed some time back, please read about that announcement by clicking HERE. You can setup any forwarders that you deem fit.
  3. I take great pride in announcing that we have a new technician joining our Technical Support Team. Thomas Joy has years of experience in the web hosting field and I am sure he will be an excellent addition to our outstanding support crew. He will be starting today and is already looking over our operational procedures. Welcome to the family Thomas !!
  4. Roundcube is on all our servers. Please post a ticket to the helpdesk if you are not seeing it.
  5. Thank you for sharing that link. I am sure it will help others too.
  6. Is there any particular reason for this backup setup. I am asking you this because all our shared / reseller servers are having multiple backups by default 1) Weekly backup to a secondary disk which can be accessed via the "Backups" option on your cPanel 2) offline backups to our backup server, once every 12 hours with 7 iterations = 14 backup snapshots which can be accessed via "R1soft" link on cPanel.
  7. Hello everyone and thank you. I am so looking forward to work with you all and am already loving it here. The last couple of weeks I was touching base with the nuts and bolts here and the help I got from the staff and management has really made the transition easier. So a big HI to all here . And my very best wishes for Carl.
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