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  1. Hello Thanks for the responses. I checked out the CMS site. There's a bunch there. Too many really to know where to start. I looked at the Drupal demo. It didn't seem overly complex but that may be ignorance talking. I'll do as suggested and see what I can do with the scripts included in Fantastico. I've read that the scripts are often older versions of ones now available, can scripts normally be updated or would the older version have to be removed to install the newer? thanks again
  2. Thanks for responding. I haven't looked on my TCH cpanel in quite a while, but I thought Fantastico wasn't included because of potential problems it causes? Thanks for the link, I'll check it out. If you or anyone has a preferred CMS, I'd appreciate knowig which. I'm not very tech savvy yet, so one that isn't overly complex but that also has advanced features when I'm ready for them. Thanks
  3. Hello I'm looking to build a community type site for this local area. I'd like to give people the ability to create their own blog, have rss feeds for local news, have a classifieds section, local events, info on local schools/colleges, some games such as sudoku, etc, maybe have a fantasy football league, a section for parents, and other things that seem like a good idea. To create such a site, would it be best to start with a CMS? If so, what would be best suited for this? I've seen Drupal recommended on here a while back but I don't know for what website type. I'm a novice to website creati
  4. Hello I have no plans to disregard everyone's advice and the rules. I'm just trying to inform myself on different possibilities and I've seen somewhere that having your own email service would be a way to build a mailing list. Does anyone know of a service that offers an email service from their own servers that you can brand as your own and somehow incorporate into your own site? Someone that has a set up worthy of stopping most spammers? This may be a stupid question with no benefit to begin with, but it doesn't hurt to ask I guess. Thanks
  5. Hello Ok, I see that such a thing is banned on a shared server and dangerous to have. Out of curiousity, couldn't a limit be placed on the amount an account could send in a given time period, and in case they just kept opening new accounts to send more, a limit on the # of accounts opened with each ip address? Is there such a thing as an outgoing spam filter? If so, could spammers easily work around it? So, even the big companies such as Yahoo have trouble preventing spammers from using their email systems to send a bunch of spam? Thanks
  6. Hello Does anyone have a website that offers an email service? Would that be a complex and expensive thing to set up? I'm guessing the bandwidth usage could shoot up quick, but it would be easy for a capable person to lower the storage amount for each account, correct? Would the necessary spam filters come with such a script/program? Does anyone have any suggestions where to get information about such a service, or anything else that would be useful to know? Thanks in advance for any replies
  7. Hello When is it that you need a CMS? For very comprehensive sites? Wouldn't Cpanel be considered a CMS, at least a basic one? Would a CMS such as Drupal be installed inside the Cpanel? If a particular CMSdoesn't offer a certain feature, is there still a way to have the feature on your site by installing it seperately? I've seen Drupal recommended on the forum a few times and I went to the CMS comparison site and noticed another CMS that was the most popular on the site and compared the features to Drupal, which the other had more features but used perl rather than php. I'm sure it depends on
  8. To be sure that a dynamic link was being followed, picked, whatever, by the spiders, I could check the backlinks for a page after it's been crawled, correct? The Google bot doesn't count links that are below a PR 3, correct? So I'd have to get my pages up to a PR 3? Is there another service or site that shows backlinks to a page regardless of PR? Thanks again
  9. Hello Ok, could you then edit a site with FrontPage that created with straight html code or some other editor? So, since php scripts are server side things(includes maybe?) they are not affected by FrontPage? As long as the .php extension is added on the end of the proper pages? Could you tell me what qualifies something as a FrontPage "include" page or a php "include" page? The extension on the end? Or the code included in the page? So, my only concern would be to change FrontPage includes with php includes and I should be fine? Has anyone had any experience with First Page 2000? Would it
  10. Hello I've heard that Frontpage adds a lot of unnecessary code into pages created with it. Is there such a thing as a excess code stripper that would allow a site created in Frontpage to be able to be dealt with the same as a site created all in html code by hand? Also, php scripts don't work with Frontpage created sites, correct? That's one reason I asked this question, to see if there was a way to make them work together easily. I guess it would be better to just start with a different html editor in the first place? Thanks
  11. Hello If the link didn't look dynamic, does that mean it would't appear dynamic to human eyes or to the spider bots as well? I'd just like to be sure that the spiders could follow it so I'd get credit for the link as far as backlinks to other pages within the site, etc. I'd love any help with a RewriteRule, but as of now, it'd be over my head. The videos should be here soon. I'm going to look at them and decide if I should just pay someone to create/modify scripts when I can afford to, or try my hand doing it. Thanks
  12. Hello This is a bit off topic, but I recall in the Stomping the Search Engines course, it mentioned that pages that have a question mark in them were dynamically generated. Being as such, they wouldn't be spidered because they wouldn't be available when the spider visits the site. Is this true? The fact that a site is templated doesn't have anything to do with dynamically created content, correct? Unless it the content being created, not the header and footer? Thanks
  13. Hello Thanks for the replies. I'm just starting to get into php, just bought a few videos about it which are on their way. Thanks for the script code to use, this is great place for help and information.
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