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  1. Last month I installed McAfee Security Center. I have been running Zone Alarm with McAfee Virus Scan but had this upgrade and decided to try it. For the past month, I have been getting bombarded with spam and junk mail, sometimes as many as 500 messages a day. I use Outlook 2003 for my e-mail client and it seems that Outlook no longer runs my e-mail rules properly, so everyday I have to check all e-mails manually to make sure I do not delete anything that is not spam and move e-mails to the proper folder. Is anyone else using McAfee's Security Center and what problems have you had.
  2. Did you launch commerce buddy and go to Help and select About and enter the registration number there? Did you edit the CARTITCF.CGI file? You have to enter the registration number in this file.
  3. anyone know how to configure lotus notes as an e-mail client? will notes work with TCH. Thanks, Joe Trainor Keystone Embroidery
  4. I am having problems now not only publishing within FrontPage but now my cart software has taken a fit. I am contemplating redoing the entire site over. Before I do it I thought I wanted to ask for some advice. 1. I was looking at an template from ECOMMERCE with a shopping cart. It doesn't use FP Extensions, which I know is part of my problem. Has anyone used these templates from Ecommerce? 2. If I decide to redo the entire site, should I have my current space cleaned out and start over like new ?? I have done a lot a testing with other packages and my house cleaning stinks, so there is alot of crap out there. Opinions are greatly appreciated, thanks Joe Trainor www.keystone-embroidery.com
  5. Tom, Still have the same error
  6. I get the following error when I select Publish Web from Front Page: 403 Forbidden Forbidden You don't have permission to access /_vti_bin/shtml.exe/_vti_rpc on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. Apache/1.3.34 Server at www.keystone-embroidery.com I checked my .htaccess file and it has the SecFilterEngine Off statement in it. Does it matter where it is placed in the file?
  7. Molly, Change your string for the secure site. Remove the .com, as I did below https://www.securewebexchange.com/icgifts/cgi-bin Also check this link on TCH for help on SSL http://totalchoicehosting.com/help/id94.htm Let me know if this works. Joe
  8. Molly, There are online manuals for setting up Cartit. There are a number of us that have it and have gotten screwed. Cartit has no support and if you read their fine print, they do not have to support it. I have had it for almost a year and except for them taking my money I have never been able to contact them. Let me know what specific problem you have, I' ll see if I can help. Joe
  9. Excuse the double post, I received a mail error posting the first time and when I did a refresh I must have submitted a second time.
  10. I am trying to grasp alot of this stuff at once so bear with me. My question is really asked in a way so that I can be sure I understand what a subdomain is and if and how it can be used without violating TCH policy. So here it goes... On my site I sell embroidered apparel to different groups. I had a group ask if I could setup a store for their members to log into so they could purchase embroidered shirts, jackets and caps made with their logo and at a special pricing that we would agreee on. They do not want the general public to purchase their merchandise so I would need to setup a password protected site just for them. Is this something I could setup a subdomain for that is permissable? They would still access my site from my home page but I could put a store entrance for their group on a page that they would have secure access, correct?? Thanks Joe Trainor www.keystone-embroidery.com jtrainor@keystone-embroidery.com Rock Sign
  11. The problem I have with oscommerce is lack of documentation or trying to find it. I went the oscommerce site but can't find any clear cut documentation for installing and working with this application. I'm not a programm or developer but if I have documentation I can usually figure things out. Is there any documentation for this application and if so where?? Thanks, Joe Rock Sign
  12. Can someone tell me if a shopping cart from VP-ASP can be used here. My current cart has zero support and I need additional features. Also, none of the free carts can handle the complex cart that I need. Here is the link to the software I am looking into: http://www.vpcart.com/virtprog/info/faq_hosting.htm Thanks, Joe Trainor Keystone Embroidery www.keystone-embroidery.com and Happy New Year!! Rock Sign
  13. Scott, could you please add my site. 1. http://www.keystone-embroidery.com 2. Keystone Embroidery 3. Embroidery for schools, businesses and individuals. Specializing in custom made embroidered shirts, hats, jackets, towels and more for tournament and club fisherman. 4. Link to TCH is on my home page. 5. And if you could, please look at my rank evaluation. I know it is lousy or non-existant and not sure how to fix it. Thanks, Joe Rock Sign
  14. Jim, Got up early this morning and remembered a script that I had changed. Went in and changed teh script back and now everything is working fine. I need to fine tune output but otherwise things look good. Thanks again for your help. Joe
  15. Jim, I'll have to look thru their support site and see if I come up with something. Just finished cutting my grass (only took 4 hours) before the rain gets here and have to be up a 4:30am to get into work. I'll let you know... Thanks again for all the help, I did make the change and at least got a little bit further. Joe
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