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  1. Sorry about that, didn't really explain much :\ 1) Mailing list that people can sign up for or I can add their names to and only I can send messages that go to everyone on the list. 2) Everything in the message comes up as "Unknown" (ie UnknownAddress@UnknownDomain -- UnknownSubject) - I want to block any messages that come in like that
  2. Someone on my forums brought up the idea of adding a mailing list to my site for my online riddle, but I'm really not sure about how to add one, can anyone help? Also, is there a way I can block "Unknown" Emails, from being received?
  3. I'm trying to blur images on my site at different angles, but I'm not really sure where to begin with that. What I want is the angles of the blur to go in different directions, maybe even random if I can set that. Any suggestions? The site is http://www.lastcallgames.com/journey/home.html - You can see the effect by rolling over any of the bottom links (doesn't working in Firefox)
  4. Please include: 1. http://www.lastcallgames.com 2. Last Call Games 3. Games, Forums, and an online puzzle. 4. Commercial 5. Yes
  5. That's what I mean, the download manager would still come up. The download is for the online puzzle I have on my site, The Journey. The Journey: http://www.lastcallgames.com/journey/home.html
  6. Is there a way I can set up a page that when people go to a certain URL, a download will start automatically and download an .mp3 file? Thanks
  7. Anyone know how to make an image that changes frames but is still in jpg format? (Link to an example below) http://img244.imageshack.us/img244/355/exampleoy6.gif
  8. Thanks, the site helped. I'll check out the webprotect also
  9. Does anyone know how to make certain parts of a picture links but leave the rest of the picture as normal? (Ex. If I had a picture of a face, if you click the eyes it would bring a pop-up but if you click anywhere else on the picture, nothing would happen.) I was also wondering about how to make a pop-up username : password box. (Link) http://img365.imageshack.us/img365/9928/userpassmn8.jpg I want to put them together on several pages for something I'm working on, but not knowing how to do either doesn't help much :|
  10. Some more questions I have. I got the favicon up on my site (thanks to all who helped) but I'm having some trouble getting it on forums. If anyone can help with these questions, thank you. How do I make a border around highlighted links that doesn't stretch the text or move it? I know how to put a border around them, but everytime I do, it just moves the link on rollover. How do I get ads and a favicon on the forums?
  11. Thanks Tim, I set up eswlibcd@ now and have that forwarding to admin@
  12. I just finished setting up my forwarding and default email addresses and now I can't receive any Emails. I don't have SpamAssassin on and no filtering on. The Email I use is admin@my-domain.com I was also wondering how I can check my counters. When I go to the Statistic Log Configuration page, I just see my site name with 3 red X's next to it and analog, awstats, and webalizer above them. Edit: You shouldn't post your email in plaintext. Spammers will get it.
  13. I still have a few questions, if that's alright; How do I put a.. - Favicon in the address bar, for all pages - Ads on the side of the forums - Login form for the forums on the homepage - Search bar for the site on the homepage - Borders on highlighted links (I want the border on the links to match the ones on the forums. Everytime I try putting a border on them, it stretches the links and makes them move)
  14. Ok, I tried that and it worked. Thanks for the help.
  15. Thanks, I'll check out hotscripts for them. The page I linked to is the homepage, but the games page is at http://www.lastcallgames.com/games.html. What I want to do is instead of having the games set up in a grid style (which would be fine if I could straigten them) is have about 10 or so on each page and line them up along the left with descriptions, screenshots, etc next to each.
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