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  1. I'm getting this error when accessing my site: boonetown.com Error: 0 - PDO Connection Error: SQLSTATE[HY000] [2054] The server requested authentication method unknown to the client A little history and it's the short story... My website is/was a Joomla 2.5 RocketTheme site. I developed a RocketTheme 3.2 website for a new client as a sub folder to my website (and it's still working) boonetown.com/fresco. After all the development I thought I'd would update Joomla before moving it to the clients hosting site so I ran the Update Feature in the Joomla backend. Everthing worked and look
  2. Well, I was just wondering if any new other than htaccess would be out there. Either way it will be a lot of work to maintain a deny or allow list. I guess I can't get away with being lazy on this one. Thanks Alex
  3. Is there a simple way to limit access to a website...for instance I don't want any foreign countries to be able to view or have access to the content. The website does not have any reason to be accessible from outside our country. This would also help stop any hacker attempts from happening. Thanks
  4. Hello, I've been running a Joomla site and had installed a componet called Seyret. I have since uninstalled it and now I am not able to delete the folders and its subfolders using either ftp or file manager in cpanel. Is there another way to get rid of these folders? With ftp I get the error; 550 Can't remove directory Permission denied. With cpanel FM they just reappear after deleting them. Thanks Boone
  5. Just in case anyone else is wondering. I've purchased and successfully install ezdatabase. It's functioning well and now all I need to do is customize it for my use. Thanks TCH for the help.
  6. The ezdatabase uses MySQL. It is a template driven front end that is configurable to my own website. I want to build my own "application" for my customers. This seems like just what I need but I don't know if it will install properly on my TCH hosted site. Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with the install on a TCH site before I spend the $60. I am not a programmer (eg perl, PHP) but I can modify templates and html etc. Thanks
  7. Has anyone successfully installed and is using ezdatabase? http://www.ezdatabase.org/ I'm interested in it but not sure if I can get it installed or not. I don't want to pay for it if I can't install it. Thanks, Boonetown
  8. David, thanks. That is exactly what I was wondering. I'll be switching over to another guestbook after June. I found one that looks pretty good. Has anyone used Gbook by PHPJunkyard? It also has a flooding mode as well as anti-spam.
  9. Thanks for all the comments and suggestions. I'm using the Viper Guestbook from the Fantastico scripts. I did not know, at the time, that Viper was vunerable to spam and unfortuanately I'm to far into it to back out and use a different guest book or other option. I've just looked at Capatcha and Akismet as per your suggestion and don't know a way of incorporating either into the Viper Guestbook. Unless there is a way to transfer all entries from Viper to another guestbook that supports anti-spam I will be forced to block IP addresses for the time being. My guestbook will only be used
  10. Can someone enlighten me on the extent of the IP address blocking when set in Cpanel. Here's my situation. My guestbook for my website is being filled by some people in South Korea (SK) with free ring tone entries. Every entry has a different IP address to it but all originate from SK. Instead of blocking each IP address, which could keep me busy for sometime, I have blocked an IP address that I believe is the entry point for all traffic from SK. I did a trace route and found one IP address that was common in all traces. This IP address is the hop just before entering the USA.
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