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  1. I had a recent issue come up with a dedicated server. The response from TCH in this manner was such that I am compelled to share it with present and potential TCH customers. On the morning of August 16, 2006 I was surprised to find that a client’s database was ‘missing’ from their dedicated server. I quickly issued a help ticket to the TCH staff marked it “urgent” (I think my first ‘urgent’ ticket, I have been here at TCH for several years) and entitled it “xyz dedicated server missing database – in pseudo panic”. Within minutes, less then 3, Alex Spaford (technical support) responded. Alex continuously worked the problem until he discovered that the MySQL server was working on the box but not responding. He corrected the situation and all was well. Thank you, Mr. Spaford! Now this is typical TCH… exceptional service, they are here to help their clients! But hold on because it did not stop there. The ticket was closed and all was well. Then here comes Vivek Bhatia (Special Project Manager / Systems) who reviews the closed (and resolved ticket) and decides to open it. He notifies me with a complete explanation of what went wrong. Turns out that cPanel upgraded MySQL the early morning of August 16 and that MySQL was not fully restarted by the installer script on this particular box. Now, not only do I have the server up and running, I have a complete explanation of the cause of the problem. In addition, he explained in very simple terms (which some of us require) how to issue a restart on my own if MySQL server trouble arises in the future… explanation and education! Mr. Bhatia did not stop there. He noticed through one of the replies in the ticket thread that I had a backup that was more then one day old. In investigating, he found that the daily backup was configured to run every day but only on Saturday. Hmmm sounds like my daily backup was only running weekly! What does he do, well as he stated in the ticket “I have now configured backup to run every day.” Explanation, education and uninitiated alteration… all just looking out for me and my client. TCH is the only hosting service to consider for a single site, reseller hosting package or dedicated server. I give the highest praise to the owner, the staff and the wonderful service!! D. Scott Demmin DSD Web Works
  2. Thanks Bruce! phpinfo is exactly what I was looking for
  3. PHP Settings and PHP Libraries Installed Through multiple searches within the forum I have concluded that TCH servers are: 1: running GD PHP library 2: running cURL PHP library 3: PHP Settings for file_uploads is On Would someone confirm that: 4. PHP Settings for magic_quotes_gpc is also On ? Is there a place I can view all the settings in the php.ini file? For a dedicated server, will I have access to the php.ini file (i.e. the ability to alter the settings)? If requested, would I have the ability to have PHP 5.1.2 loaded (on a dedicated server)? Thanks for any feedback, D. Scott Demmin
  4. A couple of questions: 1) How can one safely remove neomail? Can I simply delete the directory? 2) I am looking at my disk space and see that my mail directory is 223,530k. When I look at ‘disk space used’ under my e-mail accounts it shows 0.00 meg. I don't understand? Thanks for any insight.
  5. Thanks Bill and Jim... you are right I should just charge but it is one of those things that I look at and say "Why they heck don't they get it!" I would not feel so bad if it were a company that abused space/dollars but this is a government... so we the people have to pay for it.
  6. I can not believe I am alone with this recurring dilemma – Disk Usage Warning for an account because of poor e-mail management. One of my accounts is a municipality and they have approx. 50 e-mail accounts. I have established policy with them to generally use POP3 accounts and not to leave messages on the server however, this continues to be an issue. At the present time 41.5 % of their disk space is occupied by e-mail. Individuals have 3-5 MB of mail in their boxes. I also notice that some have multiple directories: mail/here.com/accountname mail/here.com/accountname/EmailQuotes mail/here.com/accountname/inbox mail/here.com/accountname/neomail-trash mail/here.com/accountname/saved-messages mail/here.com/accountname/sent-mail mail/here.com/accountname/spam Any recommendations on how to manage this would be greatly appreciated. What about e-mail aging every account to 1 day? Thank you for any input.
  7. I was curious... When I unparked discountpumps.biz I received this from WebHost Manager: >discountpumps.biz -> deleted from server19. discountpumps.biz -> deleted from server28. discountpumps.biz -> deleted from server18. discountpumps.biz -> deleted from server16. Updating Mail Routes...Done Removing localdomains entires.... Removing ServerAlias line....Done Parked Domain discountpumps.biz Unparked! Looks strange to me, why so many servers?
  8. That is what I will do (or actually just did). I thought that a parked domain here would do that though (i.e. default to the forwarding domain's URL). Thanks Rob
  9. [brushes dust off from long absence ] Hey gang, how do Parked domains work? I have a client who I have parked a second domain: Domain: www.discount-pumps.biz Parked Domains: discountpumps.biz What I would like is a permanent redirect (i.e. discountpumps.biz is permantly redirected to discount-pumps.biz). Right now both URLs are functional... both pointing to the same page but each with a unique URL (which is carried out throughout all the internal links). How would I go about making only one unique URL (e.g. 301-like redirect)? Is this possible? Thanks for any feedback.
  10. dsdemmin


    I as well... no updates scheduled for 2004, not a good sign and part of my hesitation. Thanks for your comments Marcel.
  11. dsdemmin


    Can anyone say anything good, bad (or ugly) about Kylix? I am writing a serious of 35+ scripts that mine data from the Internet and perform multi-variable analysis across 100 or so characteristics. Anyone?
  12. Thanks Lisa. As to your request... actually a link entitled 'web hosting' is better for you then the other two suggestions. However, we discussed this when resellers were asked to include links from sites that they host. The conclusion at that time was that resellers could use hidden links (e.g. non-descriptive images). I really do not like the idea of hidden links so I got a little creative with the link: web hosting by Finger Lakes Web Hosting where the 'web hosting' part points to TCH and the other points back to me (Finger Lakes web Hosting). Make sense? Let me know if policy has changed but it would be crummy to discriminate against all the resellers. Again... thank you
  13. I AM A SPAMMER Sites Hiding Behind Blogs Thank Mike
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