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  1. So sorry you guys are having to deal with this nonsense 😢😢Thanks for keeping us updated!
  2. Thanks so much for the update Bala!!
  3. All my sites are not responding. Should I open a ticket or wait it out? Thanks for the updates! Nat *just wanted to add I also can't reach the main TCH site nor the support site. Will wait for updates.
  4. Would the above settings work for the current version of Spam Assasin on cPanel? I am looking for some help learning how to congfigure SA as I am new to it an on a few of our older accounts we are being inudated with spam and I can't keep up with it using filters in Outlook anymore. Is there any 'for dummies' settings or help that is current?
  5. Bill! The new billing admin area is lovely! Very clean, easy to navigate and AWESOMETASTIC. Thanks for the upgrade! I just realized that this year is our 10 year TCH anniversary! Thanks for all the awesome service throughout the years! Nat
  6. I found one and am testing it. I'll report back if it's good.
  7. Ah OK I was looking there but thot maybe someone might help me parse it down by citing one they have used recently.
  8. I'm looking for a PHP Form Mail script that is free that I can use to program a simple intake form with dropdowns, check boxes and radio boxes. I know that stuff is done in HTML, but anyone hip to any great free scripts out there? I have pretty much used WP and Joomla for sites for years, but have the need to implement a PHP form for someone on a static site. Thanks in advance!
  9. Ok for now I found a way around it by creating a challenge folder with an index.html that has a meta refresh. Hope I can find out why the redirect stopped working!
  10. Uh-oh, not sure what happened, but when I ported my new site to root, this redirect stopped working. The rule I have in htaccess is: ## Begin Rewrite Section RewriteEngine on RewriteRule ^challenge http://nataliebrown.ning.com/page/90-day-challenge [QSA,L] ## End Rewrite Section I can send htaccess if you PM me your email addy. Some of the file is new as I switched from J1 to J1.5 Thanks for any help you can give! Nat
  11. AWESOME! Works like a charm. Thank ye kind sir! @BOXTURT... it's been a while! How ya doin?
  12. Ok, here's the scenario: I want to create a redirect link and make it simple so people can remember it. Something like http://www.natalie-brown.com/challenge I want to redirect this link to another site. How can I do this in my .htaccesss file? Normally for a redirect I would put something like: redirect 301 /list.htm http://www.natalie-brown.com/interact/mailing-list.html But I usually have to have the .htm or .html I want to make it so that I don't have to have that as a part of the link that is being redirected. Is this possible and how can I do it? Thanks! Nat
  13. Hi OJB, That solution worked. I just fixed the padding in the logo area and that worked with the img src tag. Thank you so much!
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