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  1. Well - that worked the way I expect an FTP to work - asking for username and password, but it declines to accept the password. QT
  2. No - it wasn't a typo... the configuration you mention brings up this error messag: In IE7 I get: And - I gather he doesn't have a client and hasn't ever had to have one. Is that a requirement for sites hosted here? QT
  3. OK - I set this up and now can't figure out how to get into it. More specifically - the person I'm trying to help says that he normally just types the ftp address into a browser window and gains access that way (as opposed to using an ftp software solution). Here's what I have: ftp://subdomain@maindomain.net That actually does bring up an authentication window, but when I put the password in - it doesn't work. How do I give him access to the subdomain? What am I doing wrong? QT
  4. I want to give a staff member of mine access to my account so that he can practice using php and mysql. I know that I can give him FTP access (but forgot how to do that), but I'm not clear that giving him access to a subdomain or test account by ftp will give him enough access to play around with the code. Is this doable, assuming that I'm going to trash the subdomain when he's finished? and - HOW do I do it? QT
  5. OK. I think I know how to do this, but is there a tutorial or something on setting up an FTP account? QT
  6. Another question - what if I built the site on a subdomain of my own and then transferred it over to his account once he has one? Is that permissible? QT
  7. Hi! I'm hiring someone to work on my SMF forum, and he requests access to the source code of the file. I assume this means he needs to get into the server, but that would mean giving him my password - and since I like my password - I don't want to give it away! So - is there some other way to get the code to him (including existing modifcations installed, etc.?) If I change my password, can I change it right back again, after he get's what he needs from the server? Am I making any sense at all??? QT
  8. Sorry to be so slow - what are "relative links" and how will I know that I'm using them??? QT
  9. Right - but can that be done? I mean - if I pay for hosting, don't you require the domain name? Etc.? QT
  10. The site, so far as I'm aware, is not transferrable - this is from Freewebs, and uses their proprietary software. So we are actually changing platforms altogether. QT
  11. I'm back! ok - So, we're ready to do the nameserver change. However - to prevent business disruption, he would like to build his site on the servers HERE first, and then do the nameserver change, so that the DNS change points to the new site, and not an "under construction" site. What's the best way to do this? QT
  12. I'm inquiring for someone else, who has a domain hosted by free website. He's ready to expand his site to have more functionality, including forums, but wants to know the following: 1. Does he HAVE to transfer the domain? Or, can he have hosting here, and the domain somewhere else? 2. What is the process for transferring a domain if necessary? QT
  13. Erm... on second thought - I deleted them already... if I don't empty the trash can - that counts toward my storage space too? QT
  14. I bet its some of the old files. I must have installed SMF a thousand times trying to get it to actually work... and I just added a subdomain for testing. SO, that's got to be it! Off to delete some backup installs... QT
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