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  1. ok that takes care of the putting the files on the server .... according to the install documentation i would need to do the following: Is all this possible via the CPanel ? Also within the CPanel are you able to edit the contents of files ? e.g. if i wanted to change a setting in the config files of this application. I have been mucking around with the demo cpanel and it wouldnt allow me to untar files im guess this is a restriction of the demo ? Requirements: PHP 4.2+ MySQL Apache webserver (or another php enabled webserver) 1. Untar the source package to document root dir or your webserver - cd DOCUMENT_ROOT - tar zxvf cms-VERSION.tar.gz OR check out the latest version from subversion - svn co http://svn.cmsmadesimple.org/cms/trunk ----- If your webserver has write access to your new CMS directory you can skip step 2 ------ 2. create an empty config.php file and make it writable by your webserver's user: - touch config.php - chmod 666 config.php 3. Create the cms database and grant a user rights to use it: - login to mysql: mysql -u root -p create database cms; grant all privileges on cms.* to cms_user@localhost identified by 'cms_pass'; quit 4. Fix the permissions on the cache and template compilation directories so the web server has access to them. - chmod 777 tmp/templates_c - chmod 777 tmp/cache - chmod 777 uploads - chmod 777 uploads/images optionally, if you would like to be able to install modules via the admin panel: - chmod 777 modules 5. Open up your new CMS site in your webbrowser and you will be guided through a short install. 6. After install, for security sake, you should set your config.php back to a read-only state. - chmod 444 config.php 7. To reach the admin of your site, point your browser to: http://yoursiteurl/admin/
  2. Hi All, Thanks for the welcome. So bascially if i want to do all 4 then totally dedicated is the only way ? So if i wanted to deploy CMS Made Simple (http://www.cmsmadesimple.org/) is there anyway for me to do this without going fully dedicated ? Its an off the shelf content management system written in php with a mysql backend. But to do the install i must untar files on the server. So for the price of $220 per month this will get me a dedicated fully managed linux server ? cheers Bill
  3. Hi, I am in the market for a new hosting company and I just have a few questions regarding the semi dedicated hosting package you are offering. 1) Will this form of hosting allow for me to have command prompt access via ssh/telnet etc ? 2) Will i be able to setup things such as phpmailer or swift mailer rather than use the internal php smtp mail handler (as im planning to deploy a php based website) ? 3) I read a few posts regarding shoutcast and the response was you need a dedicated server. As this package is listed on the dedicated servers page will i be able to run a shoutcast server ? 4) I guess this is linked to the 1st question but if i have prompt access am i able to deploy software modules onto the server for example via the apt-cache mechanism ? i am also assuming these are linux based machines ? cheers Bill
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