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    Wordpress Mu

    I was thinking more of letting my users have blogs as a way of driving traffic (read ad revenue), and i wanted to ensure that it works before upgradeing to a reseller account
  2. djfreq

    Wordpress Mu

    I was wondering if anyone has managed to install wordpress mu sucessfully? i've tried a couple of times but haven't been able to hack my way through it
  3. Since this seems to be a hive of Joomla expertise maybe i can get some help with my Joomla timezone problem? My site just isn't adjusting the timezone when i change the global config. I don't know if it's a permission problem or something more sinister but i seem to be the only person on the planet with this problem. I've tried everything else even reinstalled like 5 times
  4. so apparently i'm in the same timezine as my server . and gig calendar is still 2 hours out of sync !!! argh thanks for all your help guys
  5. i checked and it has my offsets at -3 and -7 my global config is set to Moutain time and so there should be a gig listed here http://ykatnite.com/index.php?option=com_g...l&Itemid=26 for 1:30pm but it's not there what the hell am i doing wrong TCH-Thomas edited out usernames and emailaddress.
  6. I've contacted the gig calander people and they say the same thing that if the timezone offset is ok they have no idea. Is there anyway i can get moved to a server in the mountain time zone? if not would a perl script be able to fix this on the server side. I've seen some references to running a perl script to offset live stats and guestbooks. would this work with Joomla?
  7. I've tried that. I'm actually having problems with the Gig Calendar. I can enter the correct time but it seems to be working on the eastern time zone rather than my mountain time. Changing the global config doesn't help at all.
  8. How can i adjust my shared server timezone/ overcome not being able to set timezone so that my Joomla installation is localized to my timezone
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