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  1. I tried to redirect last night via .htaccess and no luck. Keep getting errors. I don't guess I get what you're saying. I get the same sort of error when I use https://totalchoicehosting.com yet I go to, say Twitter https://www.twitter.com , and theirs somehow redirects just fine to http:// versus https://twitter.com/ which resolves perfectly, no issues. Has to be some way around this issue to get it to redirect to http://, correct?
  2. I also have a page that is showing the same as the real page except instead of = it is showing %3D and I can't get that to redirect permanently for some reason. Oh, and for some reason I have webmail.website.com showing up in google's index. Is there a way to hide that somehow? Can't understand why that would even be indexed.
  3. Just recently noticed I have an index page indexed in Big G that is https://. How can I get that permanently redirected through .htaccess?
  4. Couple questions. Is it normal when you delete sub-domains for cPanel to leave the folder for that sub-domain behind in the directory? And, when you remove an installed app with Fantastico, is it normal for all the folders and a lot of 0 byte files to be left behind? I'm noticing several places (different domains), mainly sub-domains where I had test installations of Joomla installed and just noticing all of these files and folders left behind that I assumed Fantastico would dispose of. Same with cPanel and the sub-domain folders.
  5. Between reading half the night, watching the reseller support tutorials and your answering of my questions Alex, I believe I am sold! I just have to get some sleep first. Thanks! And as usual
  6. I'm still digging through old posts trying to learn about reseller accounts @ TCH. Some posts look to be outdated, so I still have a few questions. If I want to start a reseller account to mainly host all of my domains, for now, I need to pick one domain for the reseller domain, correct? And that particular domain has separate, but equal storage & bandwidth as the other shared domains that will be under that account? Ex. Simple Reseller: >----------------------------------------- Main Reseller Domain - 10GB/200GB ------- ----> $19.99 Domain 2 Domain 3 - 10GB/200GB Domain 4 ------- ------------------------------------------ Am I reading that right or has that changed? <> If I want to change that main reseller domain on the account in the future, that is possible? I'm reading those other domains are connected to the main domain, but on simple reseller account you will be using TCH chosen DNS. So I'm trying to figure how they will be "connected" other than by maybe IP address?? I don't guess that bothers me too much anyhow. DW & I have domains through TCH on two different domain accounts, but we'd like to host them through the same reseller account. I think our hosting is through one account? (Just get one invoice/month). We also recently tried to let a friend host two of our domains , so we'd like to move those back to TCH ASAP. Don't know how that would work....Guess just change the DNS for those sites? I'm not worried about transferring files with those sites as they are so new. Just one last question. The plans lists says virtual hosting offers SSL and reseller plans don't. Any reason for that or is there a workaround just in case it is needed in the future?
  7. What is the easiest way to get rid of a little over 1 Gig of old log files? Should I just keep 2011 files or what would you do? This virtual pack rat is curious.
  8. I'm still running Firefox 3.6.X. I need a little more convincing yet.
  9. Thanks guys! I didn't even notice this sub-forum until I just read about it in another post.
  10. I've always been carded, for everything... Just turned 37 and went to a casino for my birthday. Thought for sure I would be carded going through. Security didn't even give me a second glance. I think I will go have a good cry now...or go buy some Just For Men. Mid-life crisis can't be too bad, can it?
  11. Thanks for sharing guys! I was looking for icon sets just yesterday and didn't come across those collections. Sweet!
  12. Have a question about Fantastico Scripts for TCH. How do you decide which scripts are available for installation? I visit the Fantastico directory ever so often and see some scripts have changed. Just curious if it's popularity thing or what's most appropriate for your particular customers. Was also wondering why phpBB didn't make the cut. I've been digging through the files and noticed it seems to have better support and demand than SMF. More curious than anything I guess...
  13. I'm like others regarding the fact: Get out and vote!.
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