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  1. Yep, the code was easy to remove. Just a case of removing the iframe line from the index file throw ACP. If it comes back once or twice, i'll just upgrade the board to the very latest/switch to another board.
  2. Right, so the people I made this website just informed of this. http://www.brokenheroes.com/forum - I've removed it now. What's happened is that http://xxxx.xxxx/adv782.php (don't click on it again unless you have good browser/anti-virus..) has suddenly become an iframe right and the top, but really small so you only notice if you're aware the forum's been hacked. I searched google to see what other people have done as it's happened before, they say that it keeps reoccurring - ie. i've removed it now but it will probably be back soon. I've logged into the admin CP on the invision board too and well someone/something has accessed my account as it's not my IP, I haven't logged into the CP for a few months and well didn't do what it said. Mass emailed members (AND allow_admin_mails=1) Apr 22 2006, 02:25 PM - ip address: 2XX.XXX.171.X (if TCH think this is a risk puting the IP address just give me a heads up and i'll remove it!) Either way, I can't see any mass email in my inbox but I'm gonna block the IP and reset the thing it's changed if I can find it. It hasn't happened on my site PunkAhead.com but i use one of the very latest versions of Invision so basically just a heads up to everyone.
  3. I had this problem not long ago when I installed a gallery. Try use the file manager in your Cpanel and delete it through that, that's what I did with no problems!
  4. Thanks for the welcomes! I'm not too sure what I was but from what I've gathered it was DNS cache issue, Sam sychronised the domain and it seems to be working well TCH has never let me down with technical support, it's great and I never plan to leave it! Unfortunately now I can't use excuses for not working on a website Thanks for all the help guys!
  5. It seems to be working now!!!
  6. Hi. thanks for the help so far. When I say everyone's on the same connection I mean we're on the same wireless network. Yet the page displays on their PCs. I've just noticed the site working via http://punkahead.com but it refuses to work with http://www.punkahead.com and other subdomains don't work. I've just sent my IP to help desk for them to look into it. Let's hope this works!!
  7. I reregistered my domain PUNKAHEAD.COM a few days ago for 2 more years and pretty much ever since then the site has acted like it doesn't exist on this pc. I've asked friends (who are on different ISPs) to check it and they got the site like normal, my brother and dad on their computers on the same network as me can get it so I can't understand why it's suddenly stopped working. This is a huge inconvenience as I do a lot of work with it and lately as I've had some free time finally I've wanted to get some real work done. I can access it through the static IP address so it's not TCH, it can't be the domain if it works for other people, the people at my ISP say they can get it their end (although in the past they have been less useful than well anything in help), my brother can get it and my dad on the same internet connection. My ISP suggested Start/Run "CMD" ipconfig/flushdns - i've flushed the DNS several times, the first time it worked for a few minutes but then was gone again. I've entered some preferred DNS Servers in the TCP/IP Settings of my connection, with the same results as above. (On this night though - 2 days ago, I noticed the site was working again at about 11pm, 6pm EST but was gone next morning) Yesterday they said try erasing your cookies, temporary internet folders etc. I did that and was able to work on it for the majority of the morning. I come back to do more work on a website in the afternoon to find it's gone again. It didn't return in the evening either.. I know this can't be TCH or my ISPs fault if others can get the site fine but I have absolutely no idea whatsoever why it's decided to do this and out of all PCs on mine, the one who uses it the most especially during a time where I have some free time after months of being busy. Any ideas would be hugely appreciated (oh and it's all registered on TCH including the domain - has been for a month under 2 years now and never experienced any problems upto now) And also, I remember that when the domain worked on the pc now and then during the past 2 days - the subdomains didn't seem to work)
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