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  1. Alan


    Galaxy announcement ooooo Sounds exciting
  2. Yea; I played the expansion for about three hours, got a Bloodelf Warlock to 10 then deleted it and canceled the account. I dunno if I am just burned out on the normal game or what; I have been playing since release and have about 12 level 60's so it is possibly that; and I sorta think for the amount of time they where designing the game, the new graphics seemed a bit too childish; I mean I know its just a game, but it is like barney or something where you can totally tell it was for kids lol.
  3. Hiya, You can use any forms in Dreamweaver; Dodo's Mail is a pretty simple to learn / incorperate script; it's the one I built off of to make my own forms. You can configure it to send anything you want, and the hard work is already done. + It's free and doesnt stick any links on your site (The one I use anyways) http://regretless.com/scripts/scripts.php#dodosmail
  4. Hiya; Not picking on ya Bruce, just wanted to get something cleared up; preferably from Bill (Kish) but staff comments are cool too; If the domain name is parked; it would enter on the same page, are we allowed to use redirection in our cPanel to send http://thatdomain.ext/ to http://server.ext/directory/directory? If it is a violation, an explanation why it is against the terms would be nice; if it is just wanting us to register another account, it seems like it would be a good idea to allow us to redirect the domains to any directory in the site we want; like some of us with several sections "http://wowcrib.com/" sent to "http://fhait.com/forums so that my world of warcraft guild wouldnt see my main site. I mean we are paying for both domains, and the accont. I also have a dedicated server so it isnt really a problem for me, but just wanting a more direct explanation, and a reason why if there is one...
  5. True I suppose; It would be nice to get a feature that allows us to manage two accounts from one added, not sure if that is possible tho.
  6. Thru personal experience I would go with a reseller account; the basic reseller would most likely be about the same price as two accounts, if you are expecting high traffic; that also leaves room for future growth. Otherwise, you could always have them park a second domain on the virtual account and forward it to a long, hard to find directory. lol
  7. Alan


    Then yea; flash movies are .swf
  8. Now now tompas! You know I turned 18 last feb right? and will be 19 this feb 9th lol. I usually just get them to give me a few hundred bucks, and a hug. lol
  9. Alan


    Hello bibi; You can host your flash files on your account here, if you are talking about wanting to save your bandwidth and have another site host it for you and just hotlink to it, I am not really sure about that; I know there is imageshack but not sure if they allow flash files. You could try youtube.com.
  10. Lol; Hey! What happened to we are all family? That means there are no secrets! lol Another big announcement...... Hrm, Bill taking us all out for a party? And he is paying!?!?!?! lol
  11. Hehe, Yea, my local walmart got 12 copies, luckily I use to work as a cashier there until I got my military contract signed, so I had me a copy stashed behind a register lol THe xPac asfar as the new races was a bit of a letdown, the graphics are a bit funky lol. Although the blood elf dance is cool.
  12. Bad Andy BAD Andy! Bill is gonna have to get that bullwhip out again lol How ya been Andy? Good I hope.
  13. Anyone else getting World of Warcraft TBC? And if so, are you re-rolling on the new servers? I'm going to reroll a Blood Elf Warlock on Auchindoun - PvP, Eastern. Would love some people to play with, rather than just a bunch of people I have no connections with. lol
  14. Meh; 15 minutes waiting, lol. Gonna submit a ticket and go pick up my copy of World of Warcraft the burning crusade!
  15. Hiya guys; Is it just me, or is live support a bit slow tonight? heh Where is Andy at? Another small suggestion; How about a "You are position # in line." when we are waiting for live help lol.
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