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  1. Hi Dick that post doesn't appear to exist (I get an error "some required files are missing"). Given that there are 3 1/2 months left till the end of 2007 and what seems like the end of php4 support, I'd like to start preparing for my own migration to php5 (and headaches no doubt) and maybe its time for TCH to be publicly preparing customers for this change. I'm guessing that there are discussions and planning going on behind the scenes now, given the security implications when php4 is not supported. cheers ...stu
  2. Hi guys thanks for both those replies. So it seems you are confirming that it is not really possible to pass sessions across from the secure to the non-secure pages. I wonder though - do these problems remain even if you have your own ssl certificate (since the url for unsecure content will be http://sitename and for secure content will be https:// - do the session cookies still see both as different domains?) ...stu
  3. Hi I've an annoying minor issue with a site of mine that has a shopping cart. The cart uses sessions to hold customer ID and number of items, and all of the shop area is secure (so the domain reads as server52.xxxxxx.com/~sitename/....etc) This all works fine, but the problem arises because on all the non-shop pages of the site, I show a "number of items in cart" info box. This gets the item count from a session called number_of_items. What appears to happen is when the non-shop pages are viewed the url is http://sitename and the session doesn't seem to be available. I guess this is related to the cookie not being available between domains and it thinks this is a different domain to the secure url. But does anyone know a workaround for this (the option of buying their own certificate is not really there because of cost to the client) thanks ...stu
  4. Oh boy - that easy. Thanks heaps
  5. Thanks Don, in that case, what is the best procedure for getting email to a domain on tch to be sent to another email address, without this happening? On other servers I used to have the option to 'redirect email' and I assumed that the forwarder was the same. So to be clear, I have a domain on tch - thisdomain.org.nz I set up an email for a person: freda@thisdomain.org.nz but freda doesn't want to (or can't) set up another pop check on her email programme, and wants the email to be automatically sent to freda@homemaildomain.org.nz What do you recommend to do that? ...stu PS - I dead the thread about fwding to AOL, and I see the point there. Will check with their ISP about how they deal with spam reporting.
  6. Hi there firstly - am I right in expecting that a forwarder should send email to the "forward address" and then delete the email from the tch server? If so, I have a problem with one of my clients emails - email to his domain on tch is forwarded to a personal account, *but* the email is still remianing on the server. Eventually he hits the mailbox limit. I haven't found any way to set up the forwarder to remove the email once forwarded. It seems like there is a simple answer to this, but for the life of me I can't find it. ...stu
  7. He he - I'm hard to snare - :Nerd: but that was a good welcome. Guess I shouldn't be posting in pre-sales now, but there seems to be a tradition :-) My little boy sends TC this (a veteran mouse-clicker at 4 "can I do that too?": Naughty Naughty Naughty Naughty See you all in the other forums. ...stu
  8. Okay, just for finality (and I want to get the customary Family welcomes), I've joined with a basic reseller plan. Thanks for all the replies - realised my partner also needed a domain, so that is my master account now. Now of course I have to do some sort of site for her! :hug: Now off to do some real work! (I can stop the researching process and get on wiith some sites that desperately need attention.) ...stu
  9. I would most likely be holding the registration info, so it would be me locking him out :-). He will only ever want ftp access to his own site. But seriously, he is the designer I often use on sites, and a trusted friend, but I'll consider that security aspect of it. Am I right to assume then, that the master account gets one user/password that lets them in to the control panel, and also for ftp etc. I guess I can always set up a separate ftp for him. Sounds cheap I guess, but then thats why I'm not looking at $40 hosting. I just don't need another personal domain that I can think of.
  10. Hi remembered one of my other quesions :-) I read another post about setting up the first account for the unlimited plans, and that yu are asked for a domain. As I mentioned in my other question, I have some domains on Gearhost (windows server), including my own domain - hybridweb.co.nz This domain will stay with gearhost since it has some asp, and I don't want to rewrite it. So, what options do I have for setting up the master account on TC? Can I ignore it? Can I just use a friends domain - one of the 7 or 8 I will start on TC with? - what are the implications of using someone elses domain as the master one (with their permission of course; I will be technical support of this domain but not the registered owner)? ...stu
  11. whoops - reading that post carefully, it sounds like cpanel already does a regular monthly archive, not one-off like I thought. Sorry ...stu
  12. Ah - better than Gearhost, then. I guess you can set up a cron job to auto-archive, so the disk space doesn't blow out too quickly? I've no experience with cron-jobs since I haven't had access to them before. Also, in reply to Rob - good point about the refund,; I had overlooked that. ...stu
  13. Hi there I guess you know the story - needing a few questions answered to help me consider TC as a host. I have windows hosting with Gearhost, but they don't do 'nix, so wanting somewhere I can put some of my client sites when I'm in 'nix mode. One annoying thing about Gearhost is that they dump the server logs every month with no way to back up other than individual file ftp. So I'm wondering what the situation with TC's server logs is - esp on unlimited plans, are the logs separate, and held long term, or what. 2nd question. Is there any advantage in paying for longer periods than 1 month - *after* sign up? I'm aware of the 'sign up for a year and get a free month' offer, but I don't think it's realistic to want people who are starting off (even with all the positive comment that is obvious on these forums) without trialling a new host first. More questions might follow - I forgot them because the forum took ages to send a confirmation for some reason. TIA for all the helpful replies I'm sure will come. ...stu
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