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  1. Im sure I will, in fact my search to find a new host has been fruitless, as far as value goes. I wasnt critisizing the hosting, just the family forum thing. I just feel that the lack of updates in the forum and replies to requests made the company seem amateurish. Adam
  2. Ok, I guess I was a customer for 6 good months, no problems. Only minor ones that were quickly cleared up, I found the forums to excellent, and offered some of my knowledge of .htaccess to another member. However, The way this forum promotes its "family pages" is pathetic, why on earth is it taking upwards of two months to sort this issue out, an issue that I cant see as anything other than a minor problem. I read with interest all of these people who are adding their sites for addition to "the family" and desperately want to scream "Dont Do It". In my honest opinion, I believe TCH is obtaining links from their customers to boost their own PR, I cant see any other reason. I know the arguments that will come back to me: TCH doesnt need the family pages, its best.. blah blah.. Truth is folks that there are plenty of hosting companies out their with equal/better services. Now TCH's problem is that you have dumped the feature that made me sign up origally, a jumpstart in being listed with the search engines. The icing on the cake was your head guru folks, refusing to reply to a pm or email about this issue. My advice? You may not find better hosting than TCH, just dont try and add a link in the family pages. Adam
  3. 10 would be the highest, google.com and phpbb.com would be two examples.
  4. I was just interested to know how many visitors your sites get a day? Mine has google pr of 5, in the google & dmoz directories and still doesnt get hardly any visitors! The google pr only updated today from 2 to 5, but im not really sure what higher pr does? Any tips. Adam
  5. Yay!! I got googled, huge thanks to Robert for the link.
  6. I think I was just lucky on the DMOZ listing, it was listed the same day as I submitted it.
  7. Ok, im getting more and more frustrated trying to get listed (indexed) in google. The front page got indexed one day after the site went live, yet its been what, 3 weeks and googlebot goes no further than my front page. Ive followed Scotts advice as far as seo goes, and have got listed in dmoz, zeal and looksmart. I have links from pr 5 and 6 sites (Thanking you Robert) and the listing in Dmoz (pr5). Im guessing its just a matter of waiting. Any tips for getting spidered? Adam
  8. Sure most of you know this already but Ozzy is not retiring, he's doing Ozzfest as normal in July. Yay! Thumbs Up
  9. Wow, just wanted to stop by and commend everyone at TCH for the excellent service provided so far, my support issue was answered in no time at all and the members of the forum who helped me overcome my phpbb issue (which has been finally resolved). Big probs to Scott for helping me with the SEO and to everyone who gave feedback on my site. Thanks y'all Adam
  10. Hi I want to integrate my forums directly into the template of my website so it looks part of the website. Are there any forums that you can do this with, or should I say, are there any forums that anyone knows how to do this with? Adam (check sig for link)
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