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  1. Matman - what app are you using to do your IMAP access? -kw
  2. Whenever I have problems with receiving POP3 emails for a single account, it is almost always tied to a corrupted email. From WebMail, try deleting the very 1st email for the user, and chances are the rest will come down automatically. From a web server where I do not have a web mail type of access, I usually run a local Telnet session from PC and telnet into the Mail/POP3 server to delete the corrupted email. -kw
  3. Thanks! I will be updating the TCH Help site in the next day or two and will correct the link to the CPanel demo. -kw
  4. BTW, be careful of receiving letters in the mail or emails from companies warning you that it's time to renew your domain name. I've received three such letters from one such companies recently for several of my web sites. The letters all indicated that you had to renew by June 30th -- although in all three cases, the domain names were 'good' until November or December. Additionally, you could easily be led into thinking this was simply a letter to renew your domain name, when in reality you were switching registrars. Finally, there cost was double what most registrars charge. Just ridiculous ... -kw
  5. Thanks for the heads up on the broken link. The original CPanel Demo was part of the old TCH help web site. I will have to check to see if we can recover it. -kw
  6. Barbara, First, understand that there are different "names" listed with a domain name - Administrative Contact, Technical Contact, Billing Contact. Second, what most web companies (like FeaturePrice) won't tell you is that since you are paying for the registration of that domain name, you have a right to obtain the userid and password associated with accessing the registration account to make changes to your domain name - like changing the DNS nameservers. -kw
  7. FYI, there is no requirement that you *must* switch to using the registrar that TCH uses - although the prices -- as George of the Jungle might say -- are pretty darn good! There are many such registrars out there, and you can compare costs and features. Some are actually authorized NetSol partners, and you can switch to them without any transfer cost. -kw
  8. Free ranger: I am not in a position to answer all your questions, but will take a shot at those I do know: 1. Private name servers for resellers: that's an issue that was raised several weeks ago, and TCH is looking into providing that feature. But I cannot tell you if that has happened or when. 7. disk space: my understanding is that if you had 3b available, and assigned three clients to 1gb each, then you have used up your 3gb allocation. 8. Yes, I am sure you can purchase add'l space 9. Bandwidth use: You will receive an email if you hit 80% usage, allowing you time to purchase or assign additional bandwidth. As a reseller, you are responsible for maintaining and monitoring bandwidth usage. The normal TCH policy is that if you exceed bandwidth, your account is suspended until the start of the next month. 12. Yes, Horde is available - and via the same method www.mysite.com/webmail 13. No, I don't believe you can install a custom version of Horde - but don't hold me to it. 14. TCH does offer a shared SSL certificate upon request. 15. Private SSL certificates: if you already have one, TCH will install it on our server for a fee. Or you can purchase a private SSL certicate from TCH. Click here for more. 16. AWSTATS - yes. 17. Backups: are done daily. We even post the schedule -- Click here - and then under the 'Tools' in the midle of the page will be a link for the backup schedule. 19. ChiliASP - No! 24. TCH provides SpamAssassin for spam filtering, and you can control on a per account web site whether to enable or disable its use. By default, it is disabled. 26. Branded holding page - you can create your own branded holding page, and then set it up thru WHM so that when you create a new account, that holding page is automatically installed OK, that's all I know! However, there is one question that you did NOT ask, and that is asked by many people ... but I will give you a few minutes to think about it. Hint -- it is a service that many ask for from a web provider. Another hint -- it is commonly referred to using three letters ... :-) kw
  9. Here's hopefully an easier solution --- since the problem is with sending email out: 1) If using TCH's mail server to send mail out, make sure you have enabled the option to require MTP outbound authentication on your email client on your PC -or- 2) Rather than using TCH's mail server to send mail out, use your ISP's SMTP Server. In fact, this is the preferred method! For example, if your web site on TCH is www.mysite.com, you would generally list mail.mysite.com for both incoming and outgoing in your Outlook/outllok Express setup. In my case, my ISP is Verizon, so i set my incoming as mail.mysite.com but set my outgoing to outgoing.verizon.com -kw
  10. KevinW

    Imap Mail

    FYI, for anyone interested in IMAP v POP3 - check out: http://www.mcgill.ca/ncs/email/imapvspop/ -kw
  11. KevinW

    Imap Mail

    Yes, IMAP is available on TCH servers. -kw
  12. And how did I rate being a goofy conservative? BTW, is that a compliment??? -kw
  13. Thanks, David. I did not kn ow about Procmail. Guess I'll spend this evening looking at it. -kw
  14. Rick, thanks for helping out and posting the cause and solution to the problem - that's the only way we learn! -kw
  15. To be clear -- the issue with the ports show up when you are trying to access your email via a web browser, or trying to access CPanel or WHM --- and you are behind a company firewall. Webmail uses port 2095; CPanel uses port 2082, and WHM uses port 2086 There is not a problem with retrieving emaildown to your PC email client, nor with sending email out. If you do use TCH's SMTP server to send mail out, please note that outgoing authentication should be enabled in your email client. Click here. -kw
  16. Charlotte, thanks for letting us know. Sometimes we have a good thing - but don't even know it! -kw
  17. High on the radar scope for many gov't and businesses is making web sites that are "user friendly" to people with physical limitations. I found one site that offers to review a single web page for free - http://bobby.watchfire.com/bobby/html/en/index.jsp
  18. 1. Why do you like Neomail over Horde? 2. I thought I read awhile back that there was a possibility of dropping NeoMail. I'm not trying to start a rumor - just aksing a question! -kw
  19. The only IE browser overlay that I had used was NeoPlanet - and I did not like it at all. I see where these two new ones mentions (Crazy Browser and Avant Broswer) both include pop up blockers - nice feature. Question I have: has anyone used either of these two broeser overlays to web sites that use a lot of Java or Active X interfaces? Does it work well? Or perhaps the opposite question is: what problems have you encountered with these browser overlays? If there is a problem encountered by a user, how quickly can you switch from using one of these browser overlays to just using standard IE? -kw
  20. Leezard - have you tried Gold Memory tester? http://www.goldmemory.cz/ Also, Mike Lin has a nice little app for reviewing all the "stuff" that get's started when you turn on your computer: http://www.mlin.net/StartupCPL.shtml -kw
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