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  1. Wordpress 2.0.7 Released

    I did mine yesterday
  2. Battle Of The Blogs

    I love wordpress. Before I got my own domain again I was using a wordpress.com free blog.
  3. Can't Connect To My Server

    There is a problem that was posted here: http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/i...c=30915&hl=
  4. Wordpress 2.0.6 Released

    I just upgraded mine... even tho I just installed Wordpress yesterday thru Fantastico. I had an error with the database but I fixed that by creating a new user and adding that user to the database. Now all is good and I can see my site again after about 5 minutes of Panic!!
  5. What's Your Name?

    I'm Snickle Rhinofanny
  6. Payment Options

    yes. TCH accepts PayPal
  7. Missing Servers In Forum

  8. Nice Email Form

    I found a nice email form. It's a php form. It was super easy to set up. It's here: *ttp://www.ibdhost.com/contact/
  9. Missing Servers In Forum

    My cpanel doesn't have the server number on it either... server 91
  10. Tried To Sign Up Again

    Just a few
  11. Word Game!

  12. Tried To Sign Up Again

    Awww.. thanks everyone I'm so glad to be back I'm so proud of myself... I installed MT today all by myself without pulling every last hair out of my head too.. LOL
  13. Tried To Sign Up Again

    Thanks Jim.. just waiting on my welcome email right now. The problem was fixed thanks to Michelle
  14. Tried To Sign Up Again

    I tried to sign up for hosting for my domain (dddezigns.com) last night. I got an error and filled out a help ticket (JWC-86845). I was told that it was being moved to the department concerned (I sent it to the right department - Customer Service). I haven't heard anything more and it's been 10 hours. Can someone please look into it for me and see what's taking so long? Thanks!
  15. Finding Server Number

    the one in your signature isn't coming up for me. Hi Jana