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  1. Don't believe so. Just too many problems and issues and paperwork otherwise! -kw
  2. Thanks for the link. I've relied on Bravenet's tips for years! -kw
  3. I'm still waiting !!!!!!!! -kw
  4. Ricky, can you make a similar banner (like what you did for the Family Forum) for the TCH Help Web Site? I'd be happy to use it on the TCH Help Web site pages! -kw
  5. Good point, Bill, about using HotLink Protection. -kw
  6. Couple of different things for starters ... MailManager is provided by TCH cPanel - click here for some initial info and links to documentation Or, you may be interested in a Membership package. Some TCH users are using a free product, called aMembers. We have some information about it on the TCH Help Web site - click here - and then click on aMember link. -kw
  7. All this talk of ROCKS makes me want to sing one of my favorite songs ... Just take those old records off the shelf I'll sit and listen to 'em by myself Today's music aln 't got the same soul I like that old time rock 'n' roll Don't try to take me to a disco You'll never even get me out on the In ten minutes I'll be late for the door I like that old time rock'n' roll Still like that old time rock'n' roll That kind of music just soothes the soul I reminisce about the days of old With that old time rock 'n' roll Won't go to hear them play a tango I'd rather hear some blues or funky old soul There's only sure way to get me to go Start playing old time rock 'n' roll Call me a relic, call me what you will Say I'm old-fashioned, say I'm over the hill Today' music ain't got the same soul I like that old time rock 'n' roll Still like that old time rock'n' roll That kind of music just soothes the soul I reminisce about the days of old With that old time rock 'n' roll
  8. You gotta love the fact that there is always more than one way to solve a problem!!! You also gotta love Ricky's new car .... -kw
  9. IMO, a subdomain of a subdomain simply invalidates the whole reason for using a subdomain. On the other hand, if you wish to split your site up into separate subdirectories for easier maintenance, etc. - that you can do it. Seems to me that a URL of www.mysite.com/vacations/2003/ makes more sense that a URL of vacations.2003.mysite.com. -kw
  10. Here is my personal observation: if the directory and files are not in your way, and they aren't taking up much disk space - then what's the harm in leaving it there? I'm a firm believer in changing as little as necessary, especially when it comes to deleting things. I do a lot of work on Microsoft servers. Invariably I'll see someone post something like: "Hey, I don't want or need Microsoft's ISA 2000 on the server. Can I go ahead and delete it?". And my response is: if you don't want it, that's fine. But why delete it? A lot easier to simply disable the ISA service from running! Anyhow, just my 2 cents worth! -kw
  11. Well, this one had all the PayPal logos in the right place, and took you to a screen that was nearly identical to what you would expect from PayPal. The funny thing was that just yesterday when I had logged on to PayPal directly, they had me answer some yes/no questions. So today, I see this email from "Paypal" and didn't think anything about opening it up. Here in Florida, we must have weekly news reports of an elderly person somewhere receiving a phone call and being asked for their bank account and credit card number over the phone, and losing their life savings. So, I'm at least attentive to the issue that you don't give out anything to anyone unless you initiated the communication! -kw
  12. To all: I just got off the phone with PayPal to confirm the following: I just got back in to my home office, and saw an email from PayPal indicating that I was flagged randomly to verify my account. It asked me to click on a link, and then displayed a complete PayPal screen asking me to re-enter ALL MY INFORMATION, including name, address, banking acct number, etc. Well, I knew it was a hoax "almost" immediately. Three dead giveaways: 1. The initial link "read" http://www.paypal.com, not https://... 2. Once I clicked on the link, the URL changed to an IP address 3. I know better than being "required" to re-enter all my secured information I'm posting this because I was suckered into it far enough to click on the "click here" button -- but I'm sure others would have not seen any problems in re-entering all that information, essentially giving some one a free ride with your checking account or charge account! Be careful out there! If you're not sure it's legit - it probabvly ain't! :-) kw
  13. For the two email accounts you are trying to setup - I'm assuming one is a TCH email account, and the other is something else, like Yahoo or Hotmail? If so, then youy need to know that there is no requirement to use the TCH SMTP for outgoing mail. For example, here at home, I have a TCH email account, a Verizon email account, and several others. Verizon is also my ISP, supplying me with a DSL line. So for all my email accounts, I use Verizon's SMTP mailserver for outgoing mail. -kw
  14. Uh,oh --- those slippery little rabbits --- they keep popping up! -kw
  15. Ha! I've been using Verizon DSL for over 3 years, with nary a problem - until yesterday. DSL went down at 5:24am and didn't come up until midnight! -kw
  16. Bill, comments are fair --- to vote on making X-Theme available means that we need to know the advantage/disadvantage of it, and or set up some sample screen snapshots, if not a sample web site to sign in and see. -kw
  17. indeed - there are several PHP mail interfaces that appear to work well with TCH servers. Go to the TCH Help Web Site, then click on Web Mail, then scroll down to click on SquirrelMail, for one idea. -kw
  18. I'll "third" the suggestion - the TCH Rocks image needs to be smaller. :-) kw
  19. Sorry -- I didn't catch it myself until this evening. BTW, to be able to reruyn your Gallery config, do the following: 1. Change permission for 'setup' directory to 777, and permission for .htaccess and config.php to 777 2. Then open your browser to www.mysite.com/gallery/setup, and go to the 2nd setup page, and change graphics module to ImageMagick. 3. Proceed to complete and save your configuration, until you get to the screen warning you to make sure you secure Gallery. 4. Then change permission on setup directory back to 0, and permission for .htaccess and config.php back to 644 I will add this information shortly to the TCH Help Web Site. -kw
  20. Tracy, Thanks for taking the time to post your findings. Glad you were eventually successful. With your permission, I'd be happy to include the details of your post in TCH's Help Web Site. -kw
  21. Yes, your users will need to update their email settings to show that their email account id is 'user@mysite.com' instead of just 'user'. This is not just an Outlook/Outlook E$xpress issue. The same things hoplds whether you use Netscape's Messenger, or Eudora, or any other PC email client or web mail client software. As far as setting the authenticate SMTP box, I've always been successful when the option is set. I won't say that it won't work without it, but if you have issues with sending/receiving email, you will want to try enabling the option. -kw
  22. Accessing your website via https:// (secured mode) requires you to have an SSL certificate. You can either (a) purchase your own SSL certificate, and have TCH install it for you, ( purchase an SSL certificate thru TCH, or © put in a request thru TCH's Help Desk to use TCH's shared SSL certificate. For more info, go to the TCH Help Web Site - SSL page. -kw
  23. Darkwoof --- just noticed that as of today (April 24th), there is a new version of v-Mail available - version 1.5 - Click here -kw
  24. One correction to my instructions ... I should have indicated to change the graphics program to be used from Netpb to ImageMagick. At least for me, it fails unless I indicate to use ImageMagick. -kw
  25. OK, I've posted my "attempt" at trying to describe how to install Gallery. I tried to perform each step as I wrote it. As you can see, it does take some effort. To take a look at it -- click here -- and then click on 'Gallery' -kw
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